Guest Blogger: Brooke – Polymer Clay Owl Pendant tutorial

Polymer Clay Owl Pendant

Polymer Clay Owl Pendant tutorial

It is always so much fun to come join Jess as a guest contributor.
I am coming over from Artistic Endeavors 101 today.
I work a lot with Sculpey clay.
It is my favorite brand of polymer clay and great for beginners.
Today I want to share this fun little owl pendant.

Pick up some Sculpey polymer clay in any colors you like.

You will also need:

  • jump rings
  • wire
  • pliers
  • chain
  • glass marble
  • toothpick

Polymer Clay Owl Pendant

Condition your clay.
Do this by breaking off a piece and squeeze and roll it in your hands until it becomes soft and pliable.
Roll it into a ball about the size of a fifty cent piece.
Roll it slightly to make it more oblong than round.
Press the marble into the bottom half of the oval.
Use your fingers to gently pull the clay up around the marble to hold it in place.
Pinch at the top of the marble to create a little pointy beak from clay.
At the top of the oval, pinch to create the tufts at the top of the owl’s head.
Condition another clay color.
Roll 2 small pea sized pieces of clay and press each onto the owl’s face.
Use the toothpick to poke a hole into each eye.
You can use the toothpick to create some texture on the beak as well.
Cut a piece of wire about 1 inch long.
Fold it to make a u shape and press it into the owl’s head.
Follow manufacturer’s directions for baking in the toaster oven.
Once the pieces are cool, add jump rings and chain.

Polymer Clay Owl Pendant

A sweet owl pendant.
You could also use it as a zipper pull or keychain.
For easy clean up, wipe hands with baby wipes before washing them.
Have fun.
I’d love if you hop on over to


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