Guest Blogger: Tara – 6 Cheap Ways to Restyle Your Home

We’re well into January, and all of the New Year’s Eve parties and office parties have died down enough for everyone to focus on more serious matters. However, the start of a new year often leads to feelings of newness and this translates to the home, as well. Perhaps the decor you currently have is beginning to look just a bit drab and you’re just not feeling as inspired as you used to.

The desire to decorate may be strong, but if the winter shopping sprees have left your pockets empty and your wallet as thin as a piece of paper, it’s time to come up with some inexpensive, practical solutions for restyling your home. Feel like it’s impossible? Here are a few ideas to get you started.


6 Cheap Ways to Restyle Your Home

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You probably own the same cabinets, armories and end tables you did some years ago. And you’re probably a bit frustrated with some of them. Buying new ones is expensive and irrealistic, so think of changing what you already have.

Cabinet hardware is a good place to start as it offers many possibilities. Knobs and pulls are available not only in dedicated stores (boring!), but also in alternative home decorating shops, in vintage boutiques and markets and online. You can find interesting, unique pieces at really small prices if you look for them in the right places — think mother of pearl, granite, colored glass, wood and get creative.

The dreaded DIY

If you haven’t found anything that you like (although, with the internet, that’s virtually impossible), think of making your own art. Is that too scary? Is it impossible? We think not. Everybody is an artist at heart and making your own art guarantees that the house looks like you. You don’t necessarily have to be a painter. You can even take a selection of your favorite pictures and frame them — your dog, your holiday in Puerto Rico, a strange bird at sunset, all of these can make great conversation starters. Use different colors of frames to accentuate the colors in the pictures and don’t just go for one, lonely image. Go big or go (stay at) home.

From cold to warm

In a cold room, bring in a cluster of candles and light them up when it gets dark. These can have a double effect — they can warm it up visually and bring a new scent to the room. This is a perfect winter idea and it’s budget oriented, as candles bought in packs are cheaper than the individually bought ones.

An impersonal bedroom can instantly liven up by the power of plants. Many of them are easy to buy and care for and it’s almost like getting a pet, without the tiring responsibilities.

Art it up

6 Cheap Ways to Restyle Your Home

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If your walls are historically and traditionally empty and bare, bringing a bit of art in your life can make a dramatic change. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for a signed, limited print of some contemporary artist to make your house look lively and interesting. Often, regular prints can be quite cheap, and frames, which make everything look at least a million times better, are also a budget buy.

Paint is your friend

6 Cheap Ways to Restyle Your Home

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Repainting the entire house is a major project and it’s never on the cheap side. The whole package comes with moving heavy furniture, scratching your vintage piano and discovering things you forgot existed under the bed. But we’re not going to talk about that. We’re going to talk about one room. That room that you feel is missing something. It might not be a $2000 armoire, it might just be a new color. Listen to this: it might just be one wall in a new color.

Paint is a wonderful way of making a room seem new. If you’re only doing one wall or one single room, you can be more daring with it. Think of trendy colors, or otherwise turn to what appeals to you most.

Subtle changes

6 Cheap Ways to Restyle Your Home

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You don’t need big changes. The subtle ones are good too. If you’re a lamp person and you have two, three, five in the same room, think of changing the shades. Try light blue if you were a wheat person for two years. Or go for print. Even better, change shapes. All your lamps are perfectly boring? Go for the star shaped or strange organic shades. Your room’s dynamic will completely modify and you’ll get a better sense of what else the room needs.

There’s nothing wrong with small changes around the house. Change, although scary at times,  is a good thing, no matter how small the change may be. Happy Decorating!

Tara Heath is a freelance writer who lives in Southern California. When she isn’t writing she loves to find new healthy recipes, craft and travel with her boyfriend. 


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