Create Your Own Backyard Fire Pit

Create Your Own Backyard Fire Pit

Who doesn’t love to roast hot dogs and Smores are a nice, warm summer evening?  It’s totally a great way to make some memories with the family and to unwind after a long week!  And I’m 99% sure that Smores are now a chain on the food pyramid….or they should be!  :)  Well, all you have to do is create your own backyard fire pit and you can!  :)

Our backyard has definitely gone through it’s transitions over the last 30 years, however I think the latest transition has definitely been worth it!


See this crab-apple tree?  It definitely was beautiful in it’s prime, it’s also been all over our property ever since we got it.  However within the last 3-4 years it really went down hill.  You see, there’s a tree just on the other side of our fence that comes up over the fence, and into our yard.  Which in return has taken a toll on this, once beautiful, crab-apple tree.  Last Spring we noticed that the neighbor’s tree had literally invaded the space out our tree, and the whole top right of our poor crab-apple tree was slowly dying, so we made the decision to take the tree down.  As much as it pained us to do this, it actually will work out in the long run.  :)


So what can you do with a large space in your yard where the a tree used to be?  You build a fire pit of course!  :)  Our neighbor’s HUGE tree is still in the same place (as you can see from the shadows above), which does provide some sort of shading within our yard in this particular spot where we decided to place the fire pit.  :)  The pit did take a lot of work, but it was actually easy to assemble.

We took the help of our local hardware store which sold this pit as a kit and all we had to do was put it together!  We of course had to level out our ground where the put was going to sit.  Our yard had a gradual incline in the back, so we definitely needed to make sure that put wasn’t going anywhere.  :)  Then it was just a matter of placing the blocks together, adding the coals, and throwing the “pit” on top with charcoal.  We also placed some stones around the pit in case we had flyaway ashes!


It definitely turned out AMAZING!  And we used it SO much last summer…hopefully we’ll get to use it even more this summer!  We had some left over wood from other trees on our property that we also took down, but we used most of it up and actually had to go out and buy a truck load of wood to use this summer!  :)  You wouldn’t believe how quick you go throw the wood for something like this!  We found the wood from someone in the area that was selling it, but if you life out in the country, you definitely could find someone that would be willing to get rid of their’s!


I know most people drink beer or wine around their fire pit, however you all know me, and you know how much I love my coffee!  :)  Smores AND coffee are literally the perfect combination!


And there you have it, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…SMORES!  Oh man did this taste amazing!  My mouth is actually watering writing out this post and looking at this beautiful toasted marshmallow!  LOL  :)


So there you go!  Don’t know what to do with extra space in your backyard?  Take it from me, and look into creating your own backyard fire pit!  :)


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