Crossbows: The Ultimate Choice for New Hunters

Crossbows: The Ultimate Choice for New Hunters

Crossbows are a great way to introduce beginners to the sport of hunting. A crossbow lacks both the noise and recoil of a modern firearm making it an ideal choice for prospective hunters that live within city limits and want to freedom to practice in their own yard.

The crossbow is also a very user-friendly option for new hunters, boasting a bowstring that is easily cocked and then locked into place until released by the shooter. It allows the hunter to be introduced to the sport in a fun, easy and quiet environment. Coupled with retrievable bolts, beginners can continually practice shooting without running out of ammunition. If you’re considering a weapon for your beginner hunter, a crossbow may be the perfect place to start!

Crossbows 101

Crossbows have been used for many years, and although they are typically not as common as firearms or compound bows, they are a great starting place for any beginner hunter. The use of the crossbow dates back to medieval times and though they have been drastically redesigned, the overall concept has proven itself time and time again.

In the modern world, crossbows are used for hunting, target shooting and even military applications. Scientists use crossbows as well to perform blubber biopsies as the bolt is retrievable. This is a great option for beginner hunters as the bolts can be used over and over again, making practice target shooting less expensive over time.

They are comprised of a stock much like a modern rifle, with a bow mounted to the top of the stock, it looks pretty cool too. There is a trigger mechanism designed similar to an ordinary rifle that releases a bolt, which looks like an arrow but is significantly shorter and stronger. The bow is drawn and locked into place prior to the shot being aimed. This ease of use allows a beginner hunter to take a well-placed shot without worrying about holding a bowstring back and wavering. There are many attachments you can use that will help a beginner shooter acquire the target more easily.

Where to Look

The knowledgable staff at outfitters are also a great source of information for any questions you might have while target shooting. Many outfitters also offer free setup of in-store purchases which allows you to have any attachments professionally installed (scope, quiver, etc.) and gives you a chance to get the crossbow fine-tuned to your specific needs. This also gives you a chance to compare products in person and physically hold them prior to purchasing.

There’s no way to say it enough, in order to become consistent and comfortable with a crossbow, it will take practice! Fortunately, the same outfitter you choose to purchase your crossbow with will more than likely have an indoor range in order to get all of that practice in.

Make Sure You’re Legal

As with any bow or firearm, practice is the best way to get comfortable and consistent with a crossbow. Although target practice is highly accepted, some states regulate crossbow hunting to disabled hunters or archery season only. Be sure to check with your states local fish and game entities to ensure all laws are followed, most of these websites can be easily found with a quick internet search or a quick stop down at your local fish and wildlife office.

If you are looking for a great way to get into hunting, crossbows are the ultimate weapon. Between their ease of use, reloadable bolts, and quiet, consistent shooting, they have proven themselves over and over as a great go-to weapon for many hunters. All a beginner hunter needs is practice, practice, practice!


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