Curtain Closet idea

Curtain Closet Idea
Our house is over 30 years old and there’s a lot of things that I think we would love to change about it.  This was one thing that I knew had to be done if this bedroom was getting redone.

I HATED this closet.  It never opened smoothly and always fell off the track.  It got to the point that it was just left open all the tome because it was just easier than battling the door!  LOL  :)  Clearly, this closer just wasn’t the same as it once was about 10+ years ago.  So…it had to go!

I saw an idea on Pinterest to actually use a window curtain as a closet “door.”  Genius!  I feel like all bedrooms should do this because it’s SUPER easy to just reach in and grab something.  LOL

Curtain Closet IdeaThis is what the closet looked like before the make-over.  All we did was remove the track from the top of the closet that was “supposed” to allow the doors to slide back and forth; we also had to remove the bottom “guide” that was screwed into the carpet.  You’ll have to patch the holes where the track was as well as paint around the “inside” frame of the closet with your chosen wall paint.

Then we purchased some new curtain rods with some nice curtains that were the same kind that the windows in the room was using; that way everything matched and nothing looked out of place.  The closet curtain is hanging slightly off the ground so it doesn’t drag and honestly, you can not add more INTO the closet!  LOL  :)  Fantastic, right?

Anyways, this was our fix and something that I would do all over again and recommend to someone else!


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