Drapery Decisions – A Guide to Buying Ready Made Curtains

Drapery Decisions - A Guide to Buying Ready Made Curtains

When the majority of the decoration has been completed in your room of choice, you’ll be starting to think about soft furnishings to add the final touches to revitalize your space. If you have decided to buy ready made curtains there are a few things you need to consider and plan for. Below is a quick fire guide to measuring your windows and buying the right ready made curtains.

Decide on the type of curtains you want

The first step is to decide whether you want your curtains to be displayed from a curtain track or a pole. As this will affect how you measure your window space and the ultimately the size of the curtains you require. The key differences are a pole is visible whereas a track is hidden.

Measure your window correctly

Take your time when measuring your windows. Before you start measuring remember to check your tape measure and make sure that there isn’t too much flexibility or movement in the tape as this could make your measurements off slightly. This usually occurs when a tape measure is older and has been used frequently. According to John Lewis the correct placement and location of the curtain track or pole is 15 cms above the window and between 15-20 cms either side of the window, therefore measure your window based on the above recommendation.

Find and fit your choice of track or pole

Once you have decided on whether you require a track or pole, the next step is then to find a curtain track or pole that meets your measurement and visual needs. This then just needs to be suitably fixed and you’re ready to measure the area to decide your shopping parameters.

Choosing your fabric type and lining

Now you are armed with your measurements, it is time to reduce your search area and decide what type of curtains you want to consider. Pinterest has a good mix of curtain options which are easy enough to review. The main considerations will be thickness, colour and material, however another consideration is whether you desire the curtains to keep the heat or cool air in and out.

There are numerous types of linings to consider with the standard lining generally being designed to protect the curtain fabric from sun damage and wear and tear. However curtain linings can be updated to meet more tailored needs. For example a favourite in bedrooms, particularly in hot countries like Australia are blackout linings. Blackout curtains feature a blackout lining which blocks light and keeps heat out during summer months and heat in during winter months.

Finding curtains that fit your requirements

There are a multitude of ready made curtains available to choose from, both in stores and online. As a general rule of thumb you should double your window measurements to get the perfect look. This figure should be increased further if your choice of curtains are heavily pleated. This allows you to have some natural drapage to your window dressing and allow you to have some movement in your curtains rather than the fabric being maximised when the curtains are drawn.

If you can’t find curtains that exactly match the size of your window measurements do not worry, the best bet is to go up to the next nearest size as curtains look better when they have more depth and available fabric.

Purchase and fit your chosen curtains

Now you have finally chosen your curtains, you are all set to fit them and sit back to reap the rewards. Although once you have fitted your curtains it may become apparent that you require tiebacks. If tie backs are something needed to finalise the room, then you should start the search for suitable tie backs as well as brackets that match your chosen pole or track.


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