Easy DIY jobs for a more spacious home

Easy DIY jobs for a more spacious home

Easy DIY jobs for a more spacious home

Making more space in your home can sometimes feel like a never-ending battle. Where does all that stuff come from, that seems to accumulate in heaps of clutter in every single room? It doesn’t matter whether you live alone, with a partner or with your family; there never seems to be enough space to live the way that you want, without feeling hemmed in and claustrophobic.

A home should be a place where you feel comfortable and where you enjoy living. If that’s not the case, the good news is that there are reasonably modest steps that you can take to improve the situation. You probably can’t actually extend your living space, unless you’re thinking of building an extension, which is a major diy job for another day! But there are some much easier and simpler diy jobs you can do to make your existing space feel bigger, by avoiding clutter and maximizing the possibilities of your immediate environment.

Put up some shelves

This is the obvious solution and a classic first diy job, but really, what’s stopping you? All you need is some shelving and brackets from a DIY store, the appropriate wall fasteners and screws, a drill, a pencil and a spirit level. Make sure that you check the wall for pipes and cables before drilling into it, though. Otherwise, it’s just a case of getting the shelves straight and making sure that they can support the load placed on them. It’s amazing how much neater and spacious your home will look when items are tidied away on shelves, and they’ll be safer and easier to find.

Install window shutters

Shutters have several advantages over curtains when it comes to making space. Firstly, unlike clunky curtains, they won’t billow out into the room, but sit flat against the window frame or the wall when open. Secondly, they let in more natural light, giving the room much more of a spacious, airy and open feel. Installing full height shutters is a simple job that just involves careful measuring, drilling holes and aligning the frame before screwing it in place. The result will be clean, stylish window settings that can give you either complete privacy or open up your room to the world.

Build a bike stand

It’s not just in your living room or bedroom where you need to declutter. Sheds, utility rooms and garages are the worst offenders when it comes to being filled up with all manner of items that you’re unable to get rid of but that don’t quite belong anywhere else. The most bulky of these tend to be bicycles, and if you have a family then they may all have a bike each.

The simple way to stop these from lying all over the place is to build a bike stand out of a couple of old wooden pallets. Lay one flat on the floor and lean the other against a wall, arranged so that the slats and spaces line up. Secure them together with cable ties so that they can be stacked when not in use. The bicycles simply stand in the spaces between the slats.

Lighten the walls

Enjoying a sense of space is all about perception. Aside from decluttering, the best way to make a room feel more spacious is through the use of color. Give the walls a new coat of paint in a light, friendly shade – not too bright, but neutral and sunny. You’ll be amazed at how the room seems to breathe more easily, expanding its perimeters and giving you a whole new sense of possibility and potential.

Build a bench

Nothing clutters a room like too many mismatched chairs. But if you have family or enjoy having friends over to eat, then you need somewhere for everyone to sit down. The solution is a bench to seat three or more people, and the best thing is that this can be made out of your old dining chairs, replacing three or more worn-out items with one. Simply remove the seats and place the chairs side by side, then cut a plank of wood to size. Sand it down and paint or stain it if desired. Then screw it in place and seat more people with less fuss.

Making space in your home is sure to help you enjoy it more. You’ll feel liberated rather than hemmed in, and home will become a space where you’re comfortable in living once again.


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