Easy Outdoor DIY Projects to Tackle this Fall

Easy Outdoor DIY Projects to Tackle this Fall

Fall is near. The summer heat has let up, and our thoughts are turning to cozying up inside for the long winter months. Wait! Not so fast. Fall is the perfect time for DIY projects. So before you curl up on the couch to hibernate all winter long, here are some easy DIY Projects to tackle this fall.

Create a Patio for Entertaining

Fall is time for football. That gives you the perfect opportunity to invite your friends over for one last cookout. Host a “tailgate” party on your grilling patio. Serve tailgate favorites like sausage, hot dogs, and burgers as you cheer on your team.

Wait. What? You don’t have a patio.

The great news, is all the masonry blocks you need to create a patio are all on sale right now! You need only leveling sand, blocks to cover the size you desire, a shovel and wheelbarrow, and a broom.

Use the shovel to clear the area of grass, debris, and rocks and level out the space. Drop in your masonry blocks, leaving a small, even gap in between each one. Pour the sand over the blocks and sweep it in between to keep them from shifting.

Depending on the size of the patio you design, this is a half day to full day family project. The end result is a proper place for your gas grill!

Protect Your Home

Tree limbs can break under the weight of snow and ice in the winter causing damage to your roof, siding, or windows. Indeed, you can protect your home with some DIY tree trimming.

This is a project best done with a buddy to spot for you.

Walk around your home and take a good look at any nearby trees. Mark any branches that are excessively intruding around your home.  Use a pole saw to remove high limbs from the trees, taking care to remain at a safe distance as the limbs start to fall.

Make cutting up the branches easy by using a chain saw to cut them into small sections to haul away.

Warning: Wear proper eye and ear protection, Also remember that you should only drink celebratory beers with your buddy AFTER completing the chain saw portion of the festivities.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

I know I just told you to cut back your trees. But if you actually don’t have the trees or shrubs you need to beautify your yard, fall is the best time for planting!

The soil in the autumn months is still warm which gives roots time to take hold and develop before the snow flies. Also, most trees and shrubs start to go dormant which allows them to shift their energy into those nice, healthy root systems.  Finally, you will be less exhausted if you are digging holes and planting trees in the autumn than in the warmer months.

When selecting a tree, read the tag. It will tell you how large it will be, how quickly it will grow, and how much water and sunlight it requires. However, it will also tell you how to plant it. Information on how deep and wide a hole to dig and how much fertilizer you need to add to the soil will all be on that tag.

Follow those instructions and you will be on your way to a healthy tree.

In conclusion, tackle these easy outdoor DIY projects this fall. When the snow is flying and you’re going stir-crazy indoors, you will be thankful for those extra days of outside DIY time that you spent in the fall.

AUTHOR BIO: Nicole Vidmar is the mother of two children and a dog named Oscar. She is the publisher of Home Tip Top and loves creating a beautiful and safe space for her family.


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