Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell review

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell review

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell review

I haven’t a book since last October…so this was the 1st one I had chosen to start with.  It again, is my online book club’s April chosen book.  I had never heard of it, knew nothing about it, didn’t even read the description, and basically jumped right in.  I was 100% pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this story.  It was funny, cute, adorable, worrisome, etc.  While it’s classified as a YA, I feel like this story could be told a million and one ways to fit any demographic and situation.

It was obviously about Eleanor (a red head who was different, innocent, kind, and curious) and Park (an Asian boy, sweet, caring, creative, and full of life’s pressures).  These two seemed like they couldn’t be more different when we met them, however as the story went one, we come to realize how similar they actually are.  It is a story about young love, first love, peer pressure, and and heartache.  The story really draws you in when it comes to the relationship that Eleanor and Park have.  Over the course of one school year the story builds up on bravery, trust, and desperateness.

Eleanor is the new girl in town and her creative looks are not helping her blend in.  She ends up sitting next to Park on the school bus by process of elimination when it came to “assigned” seats.  Each day they sit in awkward silence until one day Park notices that Eleanor is reading his comics over his shoulder.  He then begins “break code” and slides them closer to her.   Without a lot of communication, they begin to get to know enough through these comic books as well as music.  Their relationship grows, but things aren’t easy for these two by any means.  As Eleanor gets bullied at school and then goes home to a threatening family situation; while Park is pressured each day by his dad’s expectations as well as trying to continue his reputation with the kids in school, their relationship is tested over and over.

As they begin to get closer, they then have the barriers where Eleanor tries to protect the one good thing in her life from her mom and step dad while Park’s mom does not approve of Eleanor’s awkward ways.  Do they listen to the outside world, or do they shut everything out to peruse true love?

I really enjoyed this book and am pretty sure that it may become one of my favorite stories!


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