Enthusiastic Employees – 5 Ways to Increase Your Staff’s Productivity

Enthusiastic Employees - 5 Ways to Increase Your Staff's Productivity

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Running a successful business takes a lot of hard work and requires a solid, effective team of professionals to keep the machine running smoothly. Increasing your staff’s productivity is always a priority for business owners but knowing where to start can be daunting.

Consider your employees’ points of view: working for a company that values your work, treats you with respect and gratitude and creates an all-round positive workplace culture is one of the leading factors in career satisfaction.  So, what can you do to continue to embrace this as a priority and use it to increase your staff’s productivity?

A Little Token of Gratitude Goes a Long Way

The art of corporate gift-giving has survived for decades in the professional world, and still has strong relevance today. Whether you think your team members would benefit from items that ease their workload or that they’d prefer something a little more fun, there’s a whole range of attractive corporate gifts that can be tailored to your business and your branding. Whatever you choose, your small act of giving will go a long way toward making your staff feel appreciated and recognized.

Initiate Team Activities

The old saying ‘work hard, play hard’ is as true as ever, and you’re in the perfect position to integrate this into your workplace culture with team bonding activities. Expecting your team to nail the daily grind is understandable but rewarding them with incentives to work hard for you is great way to give back to your team and build a positive, highly productive work culture. Not only will it improve employee morale, but it will allow your team to get to know each other better which will ultimately lead to them working more effectively together.

Create Incentives and Rewards

Giving your staff milestones and goals to work towards is a sure way to encourage them to reach targets. If a prize or incentive is attainable upon reaching set targets, the stakes are raised and your employees will naturally want to reach them. Paid bonuses, a special meal out or concert tickets could be options that work for you, or something a little more personal to your team and line of work could work too.

Set an Example of Showing Pride in Their Work

Celebrating the small wins with your team, whether it’s through physical rewards or just setting aside time to share acknowledge when an individual or department have done a particularly great job, goes a long way. Your behaviour will reflect in your team and the celebrations will become addictive and behaviour changing throughout your organization.

Be a Good Leader

Communication is key in a business environment and that is especially the case between you and your staff. Letting them know you appreciate them for their hard work, clear direction regarding their tasks and goals and affirming that you’re there to talk if there are any ideas or issues they have is imperative in building a solid business leader relationship with your team. Through this, you’re building trust and your staff will return the favour by providing higher quality, efficient work.

Taking the time to put yourself in your employees’ shoes and thinking about what you would want if you were in their position is a great way to motivate your workers. A business relationship, even within your own team, is a two-way street – you’ve got to give to get a return. Use your best judgement and apply it to your staff’s individual needs and watch the culture of your business grow and change for the better!


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