Erie Island Coffee in Cleveland, OH review

Erie Island Coffee in Cleveland, OH

Erie Island Coffee in Cleveland, OH review

You all know that I’m a huge fan of that really popular coffee chain with the little circle green logo on the cups, however this local gem isn’t too far behind in my love for coffee book.  :)  I have been going and drinking Erie Island Coffee for about 4-5 years now and completely love it!

I first saw them on TV and when mom and I had a girls day in Cleveland one year, we stopped in and gave it a shot.  We have only visited the Rocky River location, and it is about an hour drive, but totally worth the trip!  It’s a super cute little place that is very cafe like.  Obviously they have all of the popular coffee drinks that one would like.  I however have only had the iced coffee.  They do have a rewards punch card system…you normally get the “card” with your hot drink.  If you like a dark roast or even a medium roast coffee, their Signature blend will hit the spot for you!  :)  I prefer a dark roast compared to mom liking a medium roast, and their coffee hits the spot for both of us!

They also sell their coffee so you can take it home to brew it yourself!  :)  I totally am guilty of purchasing at least 2-3 bags at a time!  LOL

A few years ago I found out that they’ve become so popular, that they now sell their bagged coffee in Cleveland location grocery stores!  SCORE!  We tend to go to Strongsville a lot (which is much closer than Rocky River), so we’ll stop in and grab a few bags!  :)  Erie Island Coffee is such a great, local coffee shop that you should definitely check out!


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