Everyday Ways To Stay Warm On Your Commute This Winter

Everyday Ways To Stay Warm On Your Commute This Winter

Heading to the office in the dead of winter can be a challenge. There’s snow and slush on the sidewalks, it’s freezing out, and you’re standing there in pants that the wind bites straight through and shoes that were not meant for cold, slippery conditions. You could wear real winter boots on your way to the office and change before heading in, but then you have to carry your change of shoes, and what are you going to do when you have a meeting down the street?

Even if you drive to work, those first few minutes as the car warms up can be brutal, not to mention the trek from your parking spot. If you’re a transit commuter or you walk or bike, staying warm can be a challenge, especially when there are delays due to the weather or conditions are especially bad.

The Struggle to Stay Warm on a Workday

Staying warm on your commute doesn’t have to be a challenge, though. It may be one of the few times commuters actively get on packed bus and train lines for the warmth, instead of trying to find quieter alternatives where they exist. But mostly what will keep you warm is dressing smart and appropriately for the weather. Since you’re heading into work, you’re going to want to make good use of layers that you can remove when you’re in a climate-controlled workspace.

Wear Office-Friendly Thermal Socks

One way you can get around the cold is with thermal socks. Men’s thermal socks and women’s thermal socks from Heat Holders come in a variety of thicknesses and warmth, including their ultra lite thermal socks which can be worn with dress shoes. While their original thermal socks are 7 times warmer than your typical cotton sock, ultra lite is 3 times warmer. They fit perfectly in dress shoes and they will keep you warm on your commute without making you overheat in the office.

Winter Hats Are Always Worth It

Next, embrace winter hats. Bring a comb if you’re prone to hat hair and consider a different way of styling your hair if a hat will mess things up. You may have heard that it’s a myth that you lose half your body heat through your head if it’s uncovered. The heat-loss myth has been debunked, but any exposed part of your body loses heat quickly. A hat also protects your ears, which are vulnerable to frostbite.

Keep Your Fingers Toasty Too

Likewise, thermal gloves will keep your hands and fingers warm. If you’re already checking out Heat Holders thermal socks, consider thermal gloves too. Their thermal gloves use a patented HeatWeaver technology to create warmer gloves at an affordable price. Gloves aren’t just warm, they can also be stylish too.

Now that you have the basics, it’s time to think about accessories. People tend to go for scarves around their neck, but neck warmers are much more efficient at retaining heat and keeping your neck toasty. In extreme cold temperatures, a balaclava can protect your nose, chin, and cheeks from frostbite as well. Winter accessories are easy to take on and off as you transfer between transit modes or reach your destination. It’s not hard to stay warm on your commute with the right clothes and accessories.

Don’t freeze this winter just because you need to look sharp for the office. Office-friendly thermal wear helps you get through your commute.


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