Everything You Need To Know About Organizing A Las Vegas Stag Do

Everything You Need To Know About Organizing A Las Vegas Stag Do

A Stag party is a sacred institution, a tradition worth pulling all stops for. After all, it is the farewell of a legendary single life, and you have been chosen to ensure that it is nothing short of absolutely epic.

When it comes to organizing a stag party worth the history books, the most important decision is one about the destination. And anyone who has watched the famous Hollywood blockbuster The Hangover, knows that Las Vegas is the most grandiose, most epic stag party destination on the planet.

Famous for casinos, luxury hotels, and parties where literally anything goes, a Vegas stag party is sure to get you in the stag party hall of fame. However, all that is part of the endgame, and it comes after you’re done organizing the sickest stag party ever.

Since Vegas is a long way from home, there is some homework to be done. Let this definitive guide lead you to the most memorable weekend of your lives, gentlemen! Here is everything you need to know about organizing an epic Vegas stag party:

Everything You Need To Know About Organizing A Las Vegas Stag Do


Most stag groups dismiss the idea of taking the party to Vegas thinking of the exorbitant prices of hotel rooms. While it is true that there are ridiculous suites on the menu, Vegas also offers a number of year-round deals on a variety of accommodation options, fit for all kind of budgets.

One thing to be kept in mind is the location of your accommodation. Keep in mind that the infamous Strip is a little over 6 kilometers. So if you’re not living on extreme ends, everything interesting will be a short walk away. This gives stag groups the luxury to choose the right vibe while still staying on a budget.

On the other hand, if money is not an issue, go for an uber luxurious suites in one of the World famous hotels like The Bellagio or Caesars Palace. Who knows, you might run into Dwayne Johnson on your way to the pool!

Everything You Need To Know About Organizing A Las Vegas Stag Do


While gambling seems like an obvious activity to do in Vegas, we suggest you keep your distance from it. Keep in mind, the stag party is about showing the big lad a good time, and not about wailing away your entire party budget on a roulette table.

Sure, if the groom demands it, a few rounds of blackjack never hurt anyone. But always keep in mind, the house always wins. If Mr. Ocean knows it, you better not forget it. If you still need to satisfy the gambler inside you, go for sports betting on baseball matches. They are a lot of fun, and each match lasts up to three hours, a great activity when it comes to keeping a group of stags engaged.

Everything You Need To Know About Organizing A Las Vegas Stag Do


Vegas boasts some of the most epic nightclubs in the World. For the same reasons, going to one of these clubs requires a certain level of planning. If you’re already in the city as you read this, you’re already too late.

Clubs in Vegas are usually booked weeks, even months in advance, and we suggest you do the same. With the right amount of research, it is even possible to find some great deals that involve a bottle of champagne on the house. Which is kind of a big deal at places that sell $15 shots of tequila.



A Vegas stag party is definitely going to be something the groom-to-be thanks you for years to come. However, it is important to remember that Vegas is a popular party destination, and requires certain level of prep before fully opening its doors to a group of crazy stags.


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