Fabric Covered Books tutorial

Fabric Covered Books tutorial

Fabric Covered Books tutorial

While looking at the inspiration for the tissue paper flowers, I saw the display was on top of some cute covered books.  I think the books in the display photo are actually covered with paper instead of fabric.  However, why couldn’t I use fabric?  I’m pretty much addicted to fabric and have a ton of extras just lying around…so…why not?  :)  These may be my favorite decorations in the whole room just because how cute they turned out!  I love them and think I will be making more in the near future!  :)  I will warn you that you may burn yourself A LOT with the hot glue gun during this craft.  LOL


  • old/unused books
  • fabric
  • plain white paper (copy paper will work just fine)
  • hot glue gun

Fabric Covered Books tutorial

The first thing you do is take the plain white paper and cover the writing on your books.  Don’t forget to cover the spine writing.  If your fabric is dark and somewhat thick, you may be able to bypass this step.  However you don’t want any writing to show through the fabric.

Fabric Covered Books tutorial

Next you’re ready to cover the books with fabric.  Take the fabric and make sure it’s about an inch wider than your book on ALL sides.  When dealing with the corners, cut them at an angle like the above photo.

Fabric Covered Books tutorial

Then you just “wrap” the book as if it were a present while gluing each piece down.  For now, just bring the side edges in and glue them.

Fabric Covered Books tutorial

When you get to the spine of the book, make a slit so that you can push it down inside to cover the spine’s edge.  :)

Fabric Covered Books tutorial

…like this!  :)  You may have to stick a pencil or scissors down first to break of the binding of the spine before you push the fabric down inside!

Fabric Covered Books tutorial

This is what you should end up with for the front and back cover of the book.  It doesn’t have to be perfect because no one should be opening this book!  :)

Fabric Covered Books tutorial

And then you end up with a completed, fabric covered book!  :)

source: http://www.thecraftedsparrow.com/2013/05/coffee-filter-peonies-flowers.html


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  • So pretty. They’d jazz up any bookshelf! I’ve been planning to do some with paper, but maybe I’ll try fabric.

    • It’s SO much easier to maneuver than paper!

  • I LOVE this and it’s so much cheaper than buying book covers each year!

  • Megs

    I have never thought of covering books with fabric. It would make a book shelf look pretty. Great step by step guide.

    • It really does brighten up the space!

  • Adorable! Love this idea, my girls would think yes is Fabulous too!

  • Stephanie Keeping

    So cute! What a great way to spice up your favorite book.

  • I love this idea. It’s so neat and a great craft to do with the kids.

  • This is GREAT !!
    I have to tell you that we used to cover our books like this when we went to school. It made everything look a bit more cheerfull :)

    • That’s such a neat idea!! I wish I would have thought of this years ago! :)

  • What a great idea. I want to make some of these for my bookcase in the sitting room. Thanks so much for the idea and inspiration.

    • You’ll have to let me know how they turn out!

  • You make everything look so easy Jess, thanks for showing the tutorial!

    • Haha…aww…I try! :) Thanks for the nice comments!

  • This is such a nice way to jazz up the norm with a new look. Nice idea.

  • Meagan

    So creative and NO sewing!! Perfect for a display shelf. Thanks!

  • These are darling, Jess. I love ’em. Hope you are enjoying the fun of Christmas!! Linda @Crafts a la mode

    • Aww, thanks so much! You too, Linda! :)

  • Lovely idea, especially if you want to put your personal mark on some special book. I will try it one day.. just need to get some lovely fabric.

  • These is such a cute DIY idea for books. Oh, I can imagine all the cute patterns to chose from.

    • I totally want to make some more! :) And I think I may!

  • Such an amazing idea! I will let my son know this. Thank you

  • So pretty! I prefer this to expensive journals! Personalized and pretty too :)

    • That’s actually a good idea…journals! And something I may tackle! :)

  • Lisa Rios

    Looks so pretty! I have never heard about this kind of cover for books. Its very different and new to me. It makes the book shelf look so beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing this idea!

  • What a wonderful idea! I absolutely love it! Thank you!

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