Failing To Find A Blog Readership Is Nothing Personal

Lots of things matter when it comes to blogging success. You’ll need to tackle things like your niche and your web design. Even then, you may find you struggle to see success until you develop a ‘blog personality.’

Failing To Find A Blog Readership Is Nothing Personal, And That May Be The Problem

The fact is that readers are often drawn to blogs because they want to make friends, or at least feel like they have. Blogs should be inclusive and welcoming. A visit here should feel like a discussion with a friend. Face it; people would head to a newspaper if they wanted cold, hard facts. They come to your blog because they want to know you and hear what you have to say.

If you’re struggling to get your blog off the ground, then, a lack of personal connection could be your problem. Lucky for you, this is an easy issue to put right. All you need to do is consider the following ways to ensure you add that personality from now on.

Make the most of your ‘about me’ page

Most bloggers have an ‘about me’ page. Sometimes, being brief and to the point here works. But, if you’re struggling, this should be the first page to get your attention. Rather than keeping this short and sharp, use it as a platform on which to build trusting relationships. Go into detail about yourself and your journey. By sharing a little about why you’ve started your blog, you can build your personality no end.

Incorporate pictures and videos

The chances are that you already know how vital visuals such as pictures are to your blog. You may even have some idea about using video to enhance viewer experiences. What you might not realize is that you can use these to build your page’s personality. If your readers don’t know how you look, they may find it harder to connect with your writing. The simple act of putting a picture of yourself in your blog’s sidebar can go a long way. If you want to take this further, learn how to edit videos with something like these Premiere Pro training, and find a way to incorporate these as well. If your viewers can watch a video of you, there’s a much higher chance they’ll experience a connection and stick around.

Develop your writing voice

You should also work on developing your voice as a blogger. Voice is something writers talk about a lot, and it’s relevant here, too. If your posts are formal in style, it’s no wonder readers struggle to connect with you. This can also become a problem if your voice varies between each post. To some extent, your voice here will develop naturally the more you write. A good rule for getting there, though, is to write as though you’re having a conversation. Keep it casual. Though you may need to edit out some digressions, leaving a few quirks dotted around is all for the better. Before you know, you’ll have a loyal readership who can’t get enough of your tone.


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