Foods to Help Boost your Foot Health

Mostly when people talk about being healthy, they often associate it with weight loss or a healthy heart. People often tend to forget that being healthy requires the overall nutrition of the body. And that includes the feet, which takes on the role of carrying your whole body weight every single day. If you’re one of those who believes that your feet deserve to be in top condition, then read on to find out which foods to eat for maximum foot health.

Foods to Help Boost your Foot Health

Anti-fungal foods

Toenail fungus is every foot’s top enemy. To prevent fungal infections, eat foods with anti-fungal properties as anti-fungal drugs are expensive and are quite toxic. Foods with high anti-fungal properties have numerous benefits not only for fighting fungal infections but also helps in slowing down cartilage destruction. These foods include garlic, apple cider vinegar, gluten-free whole grains, yogurt, kefir and other probiotic-rich foods. Although there is little evidence of the effects of probiotic foods on fungi, they are generally considered safe and has shown to be beneficial in replenishing good bacteria.

Foods to Help Boost your Foot Health

Calcium and Vitamin D

Increase the amount of calcium in your body by eating yogurt, cheese, egg yolks and dairy products. Calcium gives your bones the strength it needs to prevent osteoporosis, stress fractures and other deformities. Strong bones on the feet are a must as the generally indicate that you have a sturdy support for your whole body.Other excellent alternatives to dairy products include leafy green veggies such as kale, broccoli and collard greens.

Foods to Help Boost your Foot Health

Fruits and Vegetables

The ultimate type of food you need to incorporate in your diet are fruits and vegetables. Not only does it aid in the health of your body and feet, it also helps you maintain healthy body weight. This helps you avoid obesity and in turn lowers the risk of foot ailments caused by too much weight. Fruits and vegetables also help fight inflammation and contain vitamins and mineral to help you fight diseases.

Foods to Help Boost your Foot Health

Omega-3 Fatty Acids– feet remedies

Gout or plantar fasciitis are very common types of inflammation on the feet. The plantar fasciitis, for example, can cause stabbing pain on the heel. There are many feet remedies you can look for if you’re experiencing this kind of a pain, especially in the morning. And as cliché, as it might be, prevention is always better than cure. To avoid inflammation, eating foods with high omega-3 fatty acids is advisable. Eating salmon, oysters and tuna can be helpful as well as intake of fish oil supplements.

Other tips you can do for the good health of your feet is to generally avoid eating foods with too much sugar in it. Eating sweets can increase sugar levels in your blood and can ultimately lead to the inflammation of your legs and feet.  Quitting smoking is also advisable as this lessens the blood flow to the feet.

The key to having healthy feet is to have an overall good nutrition and health. Making sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and having your feet checked regularly for injuries can also help you achieve the healthy feet.  Proper diet and exercise, as well as knowing the right shoes to wear can go a long way.


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