Wedding Quote Printable freebie

Wedding Quote Printable freebie

Since I was my sister’s Maid of Honor, it was my duty to give a speech…OHHH BOY.  :)  I hadn’t given a speech in YEARS…so needless to say, I was quite nervous.  I wrote my speech about a month before, but I had envisioned it for a while before I wrote everything down.  I wanted it to be funny, but yet sentimental and I think after four revisions, I achieved that!  :)

I must say that I don’t really remember the speech that I gave; however, it must have been a good one because I received many nice compliments!  :)  I really only remember telling myself not to cry…and guess what…I cried.  LOL

There was a quote that I stated within the speech that I really loved when I found it, so I thought that I would make a fun printable out of it!

The size is 2500×3300 which comes out to 8.5″x11″. Just click on the link below to download! :)



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  • hanna

    Hi there, I’m Hanna! I’m co-hosting the Aloha Friday hop this week and just wanted to stop by, say hi and follow your blog :)

  • Lovely! I would have been bawling!

  • ashley @

    Our friend Pam said she captured all of the speeches on video. I’ll have to stalk her for that! Your speech was GREAT!

    • OH NO…that means someone got my ugly cry on tape? GREAT!

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