Glazed Expressions in Chicago review

Glazed Expressions

I had never painted ceramics before, but when I was in Chicago last Spring visiting my sister, we decided to spend some time painting!  We went to a place called Glazed Expressions and they had pretty much anything and everything that you would ever want to paint: figurines, bowls, mugs, cups, platters, etc.  We all decided to plaint coffee mugs since this is what we would all use the most.  :)  It’s pretty relaxing and enjoyable I must say.  However, do plan on at least two hours if you’re ever going to give it a shot.  You have to put about 3 layers of paint on your pottery to make sure that it’s bold enough when they glaze and fire it up.  After you paint your item, you’ll return a week later to pick up your finished product!  :)

While it was fun, about a week later my paint chipped off of the top of my mug and now it’s used to hold my toothbrush, flosser, and toothpaste in the bathroom!  LOL  :)

Glazed Expressions


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