Guest Blogger: Aracely – Phoenix, AZ review

I have never been to Phoenix, AZ, so when Aracely of Faith, Hope, & Love Life approached me with writing a review of this beautiful city, how could I refuse?!  :)  Thanks Aracely; and I hope you all pay her site a little visit – Faith, Hope, & Love Life!!  :)

Phoenix, AZ

Aracely is the creator of Faith, Hope, & Love Life. She has been blogging for over 3 years now. Married to an active duty soldier, they make their home in the Southwest United States with their husky mix. She blogs about faith, recipes, life in transition, traveling and everyday life at

First, I want to say thank you to Jess for allowing me to guest blog. It is a great privilege to blog at Plucky’s Second Thought.

My husband M is originally from Phoenix, AZ so we travel back and forth on those spare long weekends.

I had never been to the Arizona Science Center before but M and my father-in-law decided it would be a great opportunity to see and interact with their exhibits.

Phoenix, AZ

It is located within the Heritage and Science Park near Arizona State University, which is an interesting place by itself. The exhibits were interesting to see and interact with. M and I learned something new while we were there as well concerning frozen nitrate.

Phoenix, AZ is also home to the Phoenix International Raceway. It is a great place to see. Unfortunately, there were no NASCAR races at the time but they did offer a chance for M and my father-in-law to feel how it is to race around the track at high speeds.

Phoenix has wonderful activities to offer for individuals or families. It also offers wonderful sunsets to those who visit.

Phoenix, AZ


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