Guest Blogger: Christine – What You Need To Keep In Mind When Planning A Picnic

What You Need To Keep In Mind When Planning A Picnic

What You Need To Keep In Mind When Planning A PicnicImage:

There is something very wonderful about having food outdoors, sitting on the grass with nature all around you. The picnics could be elaborately planned feasts or just spur of the moment ones.


Begin with deciding on the location you want to go to, determined by what it is you are looking to get out of the excursion. Are you looking for a great view or maybe just some grassy land with serenity? If you are planning to take along your pet(s) will that location be welcoming for them? What about restroom availability in the vicinity?


Go on to making a checklist of all the items you think would be required. Keep that list with you and keep adding to it as you remember more things. Thinking about one activity at a time will help. For instance, sitting down will require you to pack a shade umbrella, some sheets and maybe pillows if you want something for your back. You may require sunscreen, bite lotion and hand wipes too. For entertainment you could keep Frisbees, equipment for games such as badminton and cricket, and board games for those who cannot be much physically active. For snack time besides food and drinks, you would obviously need tissue or napkins, disposable cutlery, knife, scissors, thermo flasks and wet wipes. Camera, books, towels, garbage bags are other miscellaneous items you might want to put on the list.


Once you have the list of things ready, all you have to do is pack them up. And do that nicely to avoid problems. You could begin with having two containers – one for nonperishable food and tableware and the other for the perishable. Pack your things such that the immediately required items are placed on top and can be accessed easily. For instance, on arriving, you would probably not need your packet of chips. Rather you will first set up the place, lay down the sheets and pillows and get the umbrella in place, so have these on top in your container. Similarly, you would require garbage bags at the end, after you are done with the fun and are going to clean up and pack. You could get a cooler for beverages and perishable food.


Deciding on what food to pack could be challenging. It is easier to bring along packed and dry food, such as biscuits, crisps and juice packs. But these are actually extremely unhealthy to munch on the whole day and while your kids would love you for these, you will not be making the best of the decisions. Instead, some healthy and delicious ideas could be sandwiches, celery sticks or carrots to munch on, plenty of water bottles and fruit with cream for dessert. It is very important to take care of the hygiene issue while at the picnic; you definitely do not want your kids to be affected by food poisoning just because of carelessness.

Dressing according to the place and weather would be a good idea too. You do not want to be clothed in a thick blouse in the steamy weather. Lastly, it is also necessary that you check the weather forecast prior to stepping out for a picnic. There is nothing worse than dampening your party and spirits due to weather. Also, once you are packing everything after your picnic, remember that you have to clean up any mess you might have made and pick up any wrappers or leftovers you have left or thrown around. If nothing else, you might want the place available for later use too.

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