Guest Blogger: Daniel – The Call of the Orient

The Call of the Orient

Home decoration can be really stressful and challenging task, especially if you are not exactly sure what do you prefer. Some people enjoy traditional design, based on simple furniture lacking in vivid colours. On the other hand,  some might love experiments with patterns and designs typical of distant cultures. These cultures are usually bursting with vibrant colours and abstract patterns. The East will definitely bring some oriental details which are perceived as exotic and sensual by many people. Therefore, it’s very popular all over the world.

The Call of the Orient


If you are into Oriental prints and patterns, you will certainly enjoy in colourful textiles and fabrics inspired by Middle Eastern heritage. This home decorating style represents very warm and inviting culture, which is based on many exceptional colours such as turquoise, jade green, royal blue, gold, silver, and fuchsia. This exotic style is characterized by exquisite pieces of furniture, such as carved chests and luxurious cushions and pouffes. Mosaics, as a technique of interior decoration, are also very important parts of this culture. However, the most important elements are definitely carpets. Persian carpets are the best representatives of this decorating style, transforming a regular, dull space into an artwork. These have been appreciated for centuries for their high quality and craftsmanship.

The Call of the Orient

Rugs with personality

Possibilities with your Persian carpet are infinite – in other words, you can place it wherever you like, and it would fit in perfectly. Are you thinking of hanging it on your wall, instead of wallpapers? Why not. This would largely contribute to creating a genuine Oriental atmosphere. Is your favourite armchair pretty much worn out, and you have no intention of replacing it? Well, in this case, a small rug will do the trick. Just place it over a damaged part of the fabric and add a touch of Orient to your home. If your of tea brings you joy, you should consider drinking it on the floor covered with a rug. Its abstract patterns and myriad of bright colours will certainly bring you peace.

The Call of the Orient

Turkish coffee table

If you want to take home decorating to the next level, the following step may be the right one for you. What do you think about a DIY flying carpet coffee table? For this project, you will need a plywood board which is the same size as your Persian rug, and a pedestal to support it. Place the rug on the top of the board, and then the board on the top of the pedestal, and voila – your astonishing coffee table is done. Take a lotus position on your fluffy rug and enjoy.

Eclectic mandala

Of course, you can always stick to the standard use of these incredible carpets. This means that you will use them to cover your floor, which is probably the best option for those who do not like to experiment. In addition, you can hang your carpets on the wall as well. Details with circular motives or even mandalas are so mystical and they would dominate in every eclectic interior. You can observe it while sinking into a deep meditation and listening to your favorite music. From the ancient times, the family of rugs make rooms more magical.

As you can see, culture of the Orient offers you abundance of fantastic solutions for your problems with home decorating. This style can define your home and improve your general well-being with its wide range of colours and lively patterns. Its uniqueness and sensuality will make both you and your guests feel comfortable and peaceful. If you choose to stick to this home decorating style, make sure that you have designed an authentic combination of details which will create the cosy atmosphere in your home. That will definitely bring you satisfaction and peace.


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