Guest Blogger: Mark – Apartment Painting: Dos and Don’ts

Apartment Painting: Dos and Don’ts

Mark is a big fan of DIY projects. When he’s not blogging for Safe and Sound Property Inspections, he looks for interesting home renovation projects he can do himself. In this article, he talks about the dos and don’ts of painting an apartment.

If you are renting an apartment, it is but natural to want to lay your personal touch on the place. However, permanent changes are usually not allowed as you are simply a transient user. Changes like adding new counters or shelves will usually need to be scrutinized by the owner and may require several approvals. Painting the apartment, on the other hand, is sometimes allowed as it is something proprietors can easily revert. Here are some of the basic things you should know about apartment painting:

Apartment Painting: Dos and Don'ts

Check with Your Proprietor

There is no other go signal aside from the approval of the owner or building administrator. They may allow you to go through such endeavor with some conditions. Some of these conditions include seeking approval from neighbors, ensuring original color is returned at the end of your lease, or simply sticking to a pre-defined color scheme the building follows. You don’t want to start painting and end up switching colors because you didn’t seek approval first.

Apartment Painting: Dos and Don'ts

Avoid Casualties

By casualties, we mean spilling paint on surfaces or objects accidentally. This means you should cover the furniture, floors and doors when painting, so that they aren’t messed up. Remember, you don’t own the place, and this might just lead to sanctions or charges to your deposit if discovered by management.

Traffic Management

You’ll probably be painting one or more rooms. When this happens, you tend to move from one room to another or from one side of the wall to another. Sometimes, it is unavoidable to trip over things, or worse, cans of paint. In order to minimize mishaps, set up a paint station. This’ll be one corner of the room where you place everything neatly. Doing this keeps you from forgetting where things are and also helps keep things out of other people’s way.

Apartment Painting: Dos and Don'ts

Painting the room is a great way for one to express himself. By designing your apartment in a way that suits your personality, you not only improve the ambiance but also the visual appeal of the room.

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Author: Mark Brandon

markMark Brandon leads the content team for Safe and Sound Property Inspections and is extremely career-focused and family-oriented. He is also a diy builder with plenty of experience in home renovation and inspection. Whenever he learns something new, he shares it online through blogs hoping to help folks. If you have any questions, you can reach him via Google+.


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