Guest Blogger: Brooke – Mason Jar Pet Gifts tutorial

Mason Jar Pet Gifts tutorial

Hi, I’m Brooke from Artistic Endeavor.  I am so happy to be here at Plucky’s Second Thought.

I have been doing Mason Jar projects over on my blog for Mason Jar Mondays and thought I would share this simple project just in time for the holidays.

Everyone loves gifts for Christmas.

At our house, even the pets have presents to open…

Here is a simple and fun way to package some treats for a furry friend you know…

Mason Jar Pet Gifts

I used wide mouth pint jars I picked up at the grocery store.

Wash the jars and be sure they are clean.

For our pooches, I filled it with treats.

Mason Jar Pet Gifts

I painted the lids with a couple coats of DecoArt’s Chalky Finish paints for a dash of color.

I made a new collar from an old belt.

To do this, I trimmed the belt to the right size, and used a leather hole punch to punch several new holes in it.

Mason Jar Pet Gifts

Then I glued a little dog to the top.

For the Cat Treat Jar I painted the lid, added a cat collar that I purchased and glued a cat figure to the top.

To minimize glue puddles, add the glue drops the bottoms of the figure’s feet and then press it on the lid.

Mason Jar Pet Gifts

I filled it with cat toys such as a mouse, some balls and a felted wool ball I made.

Mason Jar Pet Gifts

You could also use cat treats, catnip or a laser pointer.

If you do not have any pets of your own, this makes a thoughtful gift for a friend that does.

It will be greatly appreciated.


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