Guest Blogger: Pria – 5 Things to Consider When Renovating Your House

5 Things to Consider When Renovating Your House

Redesigning and renovating your home can give you an enthusiasm and a sense of creative thrill! Which is why most homeowners want to be involved as much as possible and most times, they want to also do the renovating themselves because everyone wants to make their own customizations to impart their personality in a home.
But of course, it’s no surprise that renovating a home is difficult work. If you are not fully prepared and knowledgeable on certain factors, then you may face certain problems in the course of the renovation process. So to make sure that does not happen, here are five things that you need to consider to help you get started on the renovation.

1. Budget

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It would be wise to take note of how much money you allot to this project because believe it or not there will be circumstances that will test your ability to make decisions when concerning money matters. You will have to be smart on how you spend on things needed for your home renovation. But put it in a positive light, it allows you to think ways outside of the box to come away with better options without sacrificing quality yet being able to stick with the budget.

2. Set A Timeframe

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Aside from setting up a budget, it also coincides with setting up a proper timeframe because the moment you experience delays and exceed your expected date for finishing your home renovation project then you may have problems in your hands. It may be understandable that in renovating it is to be expected. It is advisable to strictly stick to your schedule and set up a proper timeframe for each sections of your home you will be doing. For example, try allotting two days for the living room project before moving to the kitchen upgrades that should take about two days’ worth.

3. Get Advice and Tips

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Doing the renovation yourself is an uplifting activity to do and the feeling of independency also add to the excitement. But it is also recommended that you ask for tips and advice from professionals and experts. Because you want to be thorough with the method you will be taking and having at least an expert advice you on the approach you can take so that you can be efficient.

4. Plan the Layout Design

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You should have an effective layout design to follow through – from the floor plan, furniture placement, design in details, space arrangement to the proper plugs and electrical sockets assignment. The floor plan also needs to be finalized and the measurements are appropriately taken so that you can work on other necessary arrangements. And since furniture is relatively easy to move around when it comes to redesigning your home, you should be attentive where you place your electrical sockets and their location should be visible and accessible.

5. Reuse and Restore

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You can ask your friends and family if they have furniture or items they want to sell or give away. Like timeless pieces of wall painting or carpets. You can reuse those items and as for carpets, cleaning them would not be a problem. One effective cleaning solution in terms of carpet cleaning in Geelong, is the combination of vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. You may find “reusing and restoring” helpful since it saves time and money – Time, since you won’t have to look for items on the market and that usually takes a long period of time. Money, because you may have a greater bargain and higher chance at a lowered prices since the seller knows you personally.

These are just five of the things that you should bear in mind when you are planning to do your own home renovation project. With an accurate plan set, there shouldn’t be any major problems to face in the future.

About the Author:

Pria Luz is a full-time mom to her two year old darling angel. A passionate homemaker, event organizerand DIY enthusiast. Follow her on in twitter @PriaLuz.


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