Guest Blogger: Reema – 5 Factors to Consider When Decorating your Living Room

5 Factors to Consider When Decorating your Living Room

5 Factors to Consider When Decorating your Living Room

There are so many ways to spruce up your living room. However, just because you can decorate your living room a certain way doesn’t mean it’s going to look good. For example, you can’t put a bed mattress from the Philippines in front of your living room TV; that’d be weird to look, not to mention inappropriate.

Therefore, if you want to make sure that your living room is presentable, functional, and appealing for you, your family, and your visitors, there are factors you should keep in mind when you arrange the ornaments, furniture, and appliances in it. Here are a few of them.

Life in the Living Room

The living room wouldn’t be named as such if there isn’t any reason behind it. It’s called that way because it’s where people “live”. And by living, that means enjoying life, as it is usually where people do recreational activities, especially those that are shared with family and friends.

With that fact laid out, ask yourself: what do you plan to do, or what are you already actually doing, in your living room? If you plan to watch tv or play games in it, then it’s best that you put a tv and a game console in it. On the other hand, if it’s going to be where you’ll be reading novels most of the time, then make sure that it has comfy seats and ample lighting. Basically, it’s all about making sure that your living room fits your lifestyle.

5 Factors to Consider When Decorating your Living Room

Size Does Matter

Unless you designed the house yourself, you won’t have much of a say when it comes to the size of your living room, and size is an important factor when deciding what the activities you’ll be doing in it and how you’ll be decorating it.

For example, if you have a big living room, then it should be a no-brainer that you can put bulky furniture and appliances, and you can add a lot of decorations to boot. On the other hand, if your living room is quite modest, then it’s best that you stick to fairly-sized chairs, couches, TVs, and other things; and don’t try to put in too much stuff that only serve aesthetic purposes, as they would only serve as space-eaters.

The Cost of Living

A factor that perhaps weighs more than the previous two would be your budget. After all, let’s face it – without money, you won’t even have a place – be it your own house, a condominium, or an apartment – that has a living room.

Therefore, when you’re thinking how your living room is going to look like, how big it’s going to be, and what will be the things you’re going to put in it, try to consider how much money you have and how much you’re going to need in order to turn your plan into a reality. After all, you wouldn’t want to blow all your hard-earned dough to make a beautiful living room, only to have the rest of the house half-baked.

5 Factors to Consider When Decorating your Living Room

It’s Not A Dark Room

Another important but often overlooked and overshadowed factor would be lighting. If there’s too little lighting and the articles in your living room are dark-colored, your living room would seem gloomy even in broad daylight. On the other hand, you can have too much artificial lighting at night. In the end, it’s all about striking a fine balance. After all, you wouldn’t want your eyes to be strained when you stay in what is probably the best place at home.

Down to the Floor

One of the first things people usually notice in the living room, aside from the furniture, decoration, and appliances, would be the floor. After all, it’s where people step on – that means it’s going to be dirtied and therefore has to be cleaned on a regular basis. Therefore, what material it’s going to be built with is important, as that will determine how it will feel and look, as well as how it will be cleaned.

So, is it going to be tiles, marble, concrete, wood, or carpeted? That depends on your aesthetic tastes and how patient you are at cleaning.

The living room is going to be where you are at home when you’re not in the kitchen or your bedroom – that means you’re going to be in there often. Plus that’s where your guests will be staying. With those things in mind, it’s only right that it should look and be functional and comfortable in the best way it can.

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Yyanna Reema Marquez is a student- writer based in Manila, Philippines. She is a student of Interior Design and love to explore places that offers extraordinary experience. Connect with her on Twitter



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