Heine Brothers Coffee review

Heine Brothers Coffee

In July my family and i made a weekend trip to Nashville, TN.  We had never been there, but honestly, it wasn’t that bad of a drive.  On the way down my dad cousin was texting me about Heine Brothers Coffee (a local coffee shop), and mentioned that we should check out while we were in the area.  So how could I not?!  I’ve pretty much become an iced coffee expert!  Who knew that I didn’t start drinking iced coffee until I was like 21.  :)  Now, you can’t keep it out of my hands!

Heine Brothers Coffee is based in Louisville, KY and they have quite the selection of locations in the area.  The location we went to was very cute and modern looking.  I could definitely sit there and enjoy a few cups of coffee if I lived in the area.  It seemed just like your typical Starbuck, but wasn’t.  I like strong coffee, but my mother doesn’t, however, she was a fan of Heine Brothers.  I wouldn’t really classify their coffee as real strong, but it is definitely a different taste considering it’s organic.

If you’re ever in the area, Heine Brothers Coffee would be a cute, local place to definitely check out!  :)


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