Helping Your Teen Build A Happy & Positive Life

Helping Your Teen Build A Happy & Positive Life

The teenage years is a period of transition. And as parents, what we do is observe the unpredictable events as our teenagers come to terms with growing up. At this stage, hormones and emotions are at its peak. From a teen point of view, your child wants an explanation or conviction out of everything he or she has learned so far. Your teen seems to be looking for his/herself, and is probably testing different personalities simultaneously. One of the best gifts you can give your teen during this period is helping them understand that life is all about creating something for yourself and not just about finding yourself.

As parents, we are always bothered about our kid’s future. And sometimes trouble can occur when we try to hold on to a standard that reflects our own goal, instead of our children’s goal. When we respect our limits as parents and understand that our role is not to impose but guide, then we are easing our parental grip and giving room to our teens to enjoy more freedom as required.

You need to guide your child during their teen years. There is no doubt that your teen will want to follow different interests and passions as long as he or she has a healthy self-esteem, and strong sense of self. That’s just a natural, healthy and creative expression of sense of self and trying to discover and explore on what life brings to the table. What you need to do as a parent is to show support by praising or encouraging your child, you do this by giving them listening ears and advice when they need one.

It’s natural that parents may not always agree to the choices their teens make (like their clothing styles, hair style, and so on), but allowing them some freedoms makes your teenager feel more comfortable, free and gives them that sense of control over their life. Thus, your teen is less likely to use other means of getting attention or showing expression that’s dangerous to their health and well-being.

Just as grownups, teenagers need to think they are important or matter. They need to know that their actions and thoughts are valued by their parents and the world. One way you can help your teenager understand this is by spending quality family time with them, and trying to understand them on a deeper level. Know what your teen loves to do, and then get involved. Be natural, do not force it. Teenagers flourish in an environment of love, respect and understanding.

You can create a strong bond and healthy relationship with your teen as you get involved with the things they love and encourage them to pursue healthy passions. There are some things that creates stronger bonds than a conversation, sharing fun and interesting times. If your teen is in need of a helping hand in the quest to discover their passion, be there to help them or consider getting them some counseling. Play sports, learn a new language, visit places, be encouraging – electrify the relationship with your teen, connect with them and help them discover the beautiful things life has to offer. It is truly important to teach your teenager how to be positive. One way you can do this is by having them read positive affirmations.

Your teen can decide to be anything he or she wants. The mental barriers we parent put up for our kids can alter the creative processes of life. After knowing this, it’s important you support and encourage your teenagers to go after healthy interests. Make sure you are always available when they need support, encouragement and advice. Even if your teen makes choices that’s different from yours, ensure you honor and respect them. Most of all, it’s crucial you encourage what your teens are passionate about, you do this by getting involved and being positive and happy about their lives and all what life has to offer.


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