Homeowner Tips: How To Choose Locksmith Services

Homeowner Tips: How To Choose Locksmith ServicesImage Source

Just about everyone will lock themselves out their house at least once in their lives. No matter how careful you are, it could happen to you. All that it takes is a split second – the slamming closed of one locked door while you’re on the porch picking up the mail – and you’re stuck. Rather than climbing through an open window, you’ll need to call a locksmith. Thankfully, choosing the right cheap locksmith Tampa is easy with these tips.

Pick A Company Close To You

The last thing that you want is to have to wait over an hour for a locksmith to arrive. Finding one located close to your location is the best solution. Many locksmith companies offer 24/7 service and have a number of employees on call for this very purpose. Your goal is not to have to wait too long for help.

Check The Company’s Ratings

Since you have your phone with you and are able to call for help, you can also check the ratings on your chosen locksmith. Start with places like Angie’s List, Google, and Yelp, since you’ll find plenty of honest reviews there. A locksmith with plenty of bad reviews either hires people who don’t know how to do their jobs or take a long time to show up. See if you can find a good locksmith that’s located nearby. Then call them.

Don’t Forget To Check Their Operating Hours

Although many locksmith services, even cheap locksmith Tampa, are available 24/7, you might be charged extra if you need a door unlocked after their standard business hours. You may not have a choice, depending on the situation, but if you do, try to call one that doesn’t charge a premium for after-hours calls.

Homeowner Tips: How To Choose Locksmith ServicesImage Source

Make Sure the Company Is Licensed and Bonded

Some states regulate locksmiths and require a number of training hours, among other things. However, others don’t. While you might not have the time to look up the specific rules when you’re locked out, you do want to ask the operator on the phone whether or not the company is properly licensed and bonded. This way, should something go wrong and your door or part of your house ends up getting damaged, the company’s insurance will kick in.


Ensure That Locksmith Offers The Help That You Need

Many of these companies handle a number of different services. They’ll fix locks, make sure that you get into the house after being locked out, and can even tackle things like digital safes that you forget the combination to. However, other companies don’t do this and might only specialize in one thing or another. You don’t want to call your local locksmith only to find out that they can’t help you get back into your house.


Ask About Pricing

The amount that you have to pay to get back into your house might depend on the type of doorknob or lock that you have. It’s always good to ask about pricing ahead of time, lest you end up with sticker shock.



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