Household essentials that can make life a little easier

Household essentials that can make life a little easier

Household essentials that can make life a little easier

How many times have you told yourself that you wished life could be a little easier in your household but never really done anything about it? If it’s running into double figures, stop right there, refocus, and find out what you can do to make your household living a whole lot simpler.

Smart home products can make a real difference to how you run your household, with technology systems and devices that you can use to automate your home. You can now connect or automate almost everything in your home through your mobile device, whether it’s a tablet or smartphone. You get the control, even if you’re miles or a continent away. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Wireless doorbell

Want to know who’s ringing your doorbell whether you’re in your home or not? Fed up with sales reps cold calling? A wireless doorbell that’s motion activated lets you see who’s at your door, whether you’re at home or not. You can put it in silent mode as well, so it’s ideal for new parents with an easy-to-disturb baby or for shift workers. It also adds to your overall home security.

Smart thermostat

Controlling your home heating can help to reduce your energy bills, and with a smart thermostat that incorporates voice control, you can use a simple voice command to set a range of schedules that will maximize the energy of your home. If the temperature becomes too high, you’ll get an alert and be able to reduce it and save money.

Motion-activated toilet light

If you’re familiar with fumbling around with a light switch when you need the restroom during the night, this could be what you need. It has a motion sensor, so the light goes on as well as off automatically, and color-coding tells you if the toilet seat is up or down, helping you to avoid any unwanted splashes.

Wi-Fi irrigation controller

Irrigating your lawn properly can be a bit hit or miss when you do it manually, so an irrigation controller could make quite a difference to how green your lawn is. You can control your sprinkler system either with an Android or iOS device through your Wi-Fi. You can also cut down on your water bill by watering only when the lawn needs it, and you’ll also be cutting down on water waste.

Low-tech can also be fun

Not everything to make your household life a little easier has to be hi-tech. There are plenty of neat low-tech ideas that you can find from specialist stores or online from the likes of New Easy, which was formally known as As Seen On TV, and it’s worth taking the time to do some research to discover some very simple ways to ease how things are done in your home. Let’s look at a few these.

For the bathroom

If you like to sing in the shower – and it’s a great place to do it – you could put in a showerhead speaker and be able to listen your favorite songs. You could even take phone calls when you’re in the shower, though that may not feel right for everyone. At least you could warble away at Singin’ in the Rain with the appropriate watery background!

Whether you’re taking a shower or a bath, many of the best ideas come during the process, but are you going to remember them? A waterproof notepad that sticks to the tiles means that your flashes of genius can be recorded. You could also leave a message for family members to make sure that they clean down the shower or bath after use, in the nicest possible way of course.

Kitchen ideas

Fed up with your leftover fruits and vegetables going rotten? You could use a food hugger to put the cut sides into and help to keep them fresh, and you could also save money by using them up later instead of just throwing them out.

When you’re making a cake, it can often be a messy process when you’re cutting it up. Using a special mold to bake individual slices makes the whole exercise much easier, and you’re not having to clear up all the crumbs.

Look around for imaginative ideas

Most of us would rather our household lives were easier, especially when we are working hard and raising a family. Work out what would be helpful, look for imaginative ideas that you might not have thought about, and then implement your decisions by getting what you want.


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