How CMM Machines Help Your Business Adapt

The only constant in manufacturing is change. The Industrial Revolution changed the way products were made in countries around the world, and what started in England inspired Henry Ford to revolutionize how cars were produced in America.

Then North American manufacturing jobs moved to overseas, where labour is cheaper and where technology has significantly improved in countries with historically smaller economies. But factories are coming back in North America, buoyed by automation that helps them compete against countries with fewer regulations and cheaper labour.

The companies which succeed today are the ones capable of adjusting to the ever changing realities and demands of this industry. One machine that has enabled manufacturers to adapt is the coordinate measuring machine (CMM). You need to read this comprehensive guide to CMM machines to understand the different kinds of equipment, and the full potential of what they can do. But here is a look at how CMM machines help businesses keep adapting in a constantly changing industry.

How CMM Machines Help Your Business Adapt

How CMM Machines Improve Quality Control and Efficiency

A CMM machine measures the physical geometrical characteristics of a part or product with incredible accuracy and repeatable results. It can be controlled with a human operator or by computer, which makes it the perfect tool to automate quality control on the production line.

The blueprint of the part to be inspected is uploaded into the machine, then a probe scans it, and if there is any discrepancy between the blueprint and the piece, the machine knows there’s a defect. This way, it can spot imperfections in parts on the production line right away. 

This is the fundamental way that CMM machines have improved efficiency in manufacturing, and helps businesses today adapt to transformative changes in the industry. 

New CMM Technology: Industry 4.0

There is a lot of excited speculation about what’s known as Industry 4.0, where manufacturing is revolutionized once again by machines which communicate with each other, making them able to, essentially, run themselves.

Software programs like PolyWorks make CMM machines automatically communicate with other parts across the production line if it detects a flaw in a part caused by machine degradation. This  means that not only have you caught the defect, but have instantly identified the cause, all without requiring an employee to spend time figuring out what went wrong — machines that automatically mitigate the cost of equipment failure is what efficiency looks like in the new era of manufacturing.

The CMM Machine For You

There are different kinds of CMM machines, suitable for scanning parts ranging in size from microchips to airplanes. Talk with an accredited specialist of CMM machines to get the machine and software that’s right for you and your business.

There are so many interconnected factors which will shape the future of the manufacturing industry around the world. But however the industry changes, businesses will need to adjust accordingly if they want to succeed, and find new ways to increase efficiencies as global competition tightens. CMM machines are an important tool for helping manufacturers to achieve these goals, and will remain so in the future.


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