How to Brighten Up a Dark Room

How to Brighten Up a Dark Room

A dark room cannot only affect your interior design, but it could also considerably impact your mood. To brighten up your life and your home, we’re providing some helpful tips on how to add more lighting to a dark room without it seeming too artificial.

Hang Mirrors

Did you know you could double the amount of sunlight in a room by simply hanging a mirror? That’s because it will bounce off the reflective surface to create a brighter space that makes a room appear much larger than it is. We recommend hanging a large mirror opposite a window to add more light to a room.

Clean Your Windows

One thing that may be causing a room to appear dark and dingy could be your dirty windows. Clean your windows to add some much-needed light filter into your house. The less dust, dirt and debris on your window panes, the more natural light there will be to flow into a room.

Paint with a Matte

This is one decorating tip that may surprise you: glossy walls can create a glare in the room. As a result, the paint will fail to reflect light across the room equally. Rather than opting for a gloss paint, we recommend using a matte, which reflects light in every direction.

Be Careful with Artwork

Large, dark artwork can make a room appear much darker. Save the dark works for larger rooms with plenty of natural light. They will also prevent sunshine reflecting from wall to wall, so try not to cover the walls with too many paintings or posters.

Decorate with a Neutral Color Scheme

The lighter your room color, the more light that will reflect on the walls, so the brighter your room will appear. Avoid using dark hues that make a room appear dull and small, and instead opt for neutral shades that will allow light to bounce from wall to wall. You can also add bright splashes of color through pillows, throws and accessories.

Inconspicuous Lighting

Do you want to add more light to a room without the appearance of artificial lighting? Consider recessed lighting as a means of making a room appear lighter and brighter at the touch of a button. With so many styles to choose from, you’re bound to discover a subtle design to complement your needs and taste.

Integrate Shiny Surfaces

While gloss paint will detract sunlight from a room, shiny surfaces can do the opposite. Glimmering coffee tables, decorative accessories and mirrored surfaces can add a healthy dose of natural light into a room. What’s more, they can complement a range of color palettes and designs.

Trim Your Trees

Trees might offer a beautiful first impression to your home, but they will fail to brighten up a space if they’re located in front of a window. For this reason, regularly trim trees or bushes within close proximity to your window, and never plant a tree or bush on the southern side of your property.

Avoid Heavy Curtains

Dark, heavy curtains might add some warmth into a home, but they can also detract a considerable amount of light. Instead, opt for translucent curtains that allow sunlight to shine into a room naturally.


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