How to Clean an Instant Pot

How to Clean an Instant Pot

Instant pots are gradually becoming a kitchen favourite being the seven-in-one workhouse. It is not just space saving but also a powerhouse at multitasking. But simply purchasing it does not make things easier for you. You also need to know how to maintain it which also involves deep cleaning beyond the post cooking cleanup especially the parts hidden under the lid. In this blog we share with you some maintenance tricks to keep your instant pot clean from time to time.

Basic Cleanup

Your basic cleanup post meal would be washing the inner part of the pot, wiping the housing unit and then letting it dry. But if you do not do deep cleaning from time to time, its proper functioning might fail and you might even not get the ideal seal when you are pressure cooking. So to begin with, first remove the silicone seal ring because it needs to sit well if you want to properly seal the pot. And for that to happen the ring should be clean and free from residues of its usage prior to that. So after washing, when you put it back in its position ensure that you have fitted it securely in the lid.

There are few more parts to the pot which also needs proper cleanup so that you don’t have to face any trouble later on. These include the steam release handle, anti-block shield and float valve. If there is food particle being stuck to these areas it could lead to disruption in proper functioning and throwing off the pressure level. If you cook sticky food a lot, there are high chances that there might still be dirt after your post meal cleanup, which is why you need to unscrew the anti block shield when you are cleaning it. It does not however matter what you cook in it, the point being is you should know how to keep the recess of the pot away from spills and splatters. Furthermore, the spoon rest and lid holder should also be given deep cleaning once a while to prevent food residues from being stuck on them.

However, ensure that when you cleaning the instant pot you follow the instructions on the user’s guide to know which liquid to use in cleaning and which cleaning products could affect the operation of the housing unit.

Note: Make sure that when you are cleaning the pot, you unplug the appliance and check if any cord needs repair or is damaged.

Items Needed For Cleaning an Instant Pot

  • Dish soap
  • Vinegar
  • Scrub or brush
  • Cotton cloth
  • Dishwasher

How To Clean an Instant Pot

  1. Unplug: The first step before cleaning any appliance should be to first unplug the appliance. You should check if there are any damages on the cord or some wire that needs repair.
  2. Detach the lid and interior pot from the housing unit: Separate these two areas from the housing unit so that you can clean every part of the instant pot well and with comfort.
  3. Outside cleaning: First wipe the outside of the housing unit with a cotton cloth to remove the tough stains and crumbs sticking around it. But do ensure that the housing unit has electronic components in it so never try to immerse in directly into water.
  4. Check the smaller parts: Take a small brush to remove the dried food deposits in the recessed area of the housing unit.
  5. Take the steam-release handle off: Remove the steam release handle carefully by pulling it out to check if there is any food residues left behind that needs cleanup.
  6. Take the anti-block shield off: Remove the anti-block shield from under the lid to clean the steam valve well. However, keep this in mind that you do not remove the steam valve. Put the anti-block shield once cleaned and then tighten it with your hand.
  7. Remove the float valve: Take the silicone sealing ring that supports the float valve and clean both of them separately and reattach them back in position once they have dried down.
  8. Remove the sealing ring: You should keep removing the sealing ring from time to time to ensure that there is no dry food residue inside it that can also cause bad smell and damage it in the long run. If you see that it has deformed or there is some crack or leakage in it then you should immediately replace it. You can wash the silicone ring in a dishwasher or soak it in vinegar as you like.
  9. Wash the inside of the pot as well as the steam rack: The inner part of the pot and the steam rack can either be hand washed or washed in a dishwasher – whichever is more convenient and easier for you.
  10. Use vinegar: If you do not want discoloration in your instant pot then use vinegar to soak it or wipe in it. Do not use steel wool to scratch the surface with vinegar water.
  11. Assemble the parts back: Once you are done cleaning it, reattach all the parts back in place and ensure that you have securely attached them and sealed well. Double check the silicone ring, float valve and anti-block shield well so that they are tightened well.

On an ending note, make sure that you steam clean your silicone ring once every week by adding 2 cups of water or white vinegar and some lemon water with it and then run the Steam program for approximately 2 minutes to clean the ring and then allow it to air dry. All kitchen appliance need its due maintenance and care if you want it to sustain for a longer period and the same goes for an instant pot.


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