How to Create The Perfect Al Fresco Dining Area

How to Create The Perfect Al Fresco Dining Area

We’ve all been to at least one home that has it all, tasteful décor that combines to make you feel like spending the rest of your life in this setting, and when you walk out onto the terrace, you are instantly transported into a Mediterranean style leisure area. The sunny Australian climate calls out for the Al Fresco look, which, let’s face it, is the perfect setting for a pleasant meal with family and friends, and with modern solutions, one can create a truly unique ambience.

The Terrace

The very core of your Al Fresco dining area is the floor, and timber decking is ideal for the Australian climate, or if you want to add some character, stone paving or limestone concrete will give you that coolness underfoot. Shading is a critical ingredient, and with modern folding arm awnings in Melbourne, you can have a tailored motorised unit fitted. Remote control makes adjustment a breeze, and with a wide range of stunning fabric patterns to choose from, you have the ideal Al Fresco shading. If you really want to complete the look, you can have small matching awnings fitted on the windows, and possibly give the house a fresh coat of paint.

The Furniture

This is your chance to really put that Al Fresco stamp in place by opting for traditional wrought iron tables and chairs, or for something a little more contemporary, pine furniture is the ideal choice. Cushions with soft pastel colours will really brighten things up, and a couple of hanging chairs and a hammock in one corner will provide the perfect rest and relaxation area. Rattan is another option to consider, and with matching glass coffee tables and foot rests, you have a level of rustic charm that is both comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

Outdoor Kitchen

No terrace would be complete without a bespoke outdoor cooking area, and providing you have the space, a stainless steel arrangement that includes a sink and worktops will give you a functional area to prepare and cook food. One must always remember that an outdoor kitchen has to handle the extreme climate, so make sure you choose something suitable.


How you illuminate your terrace will determine the evening ambience, and with LED solutions, you are spoiled for choice. A few well-placed wall lamps with dimmer switches will give you fine control over general lighting and something overhead is required for the cooking area, perhaps a pendant light that can be raised or lowered would be ideal. If you would like to know more about how LED lighting works, here is an informative article.

When designing an outdoor leisure area, it is always best to start at the top, and with a motorised retractable awning in place, you can begin to add features that will come together to form the perfect al fresco dining area that will be a favourite spot for all the family. If you incorporate some dried grass and a few pot plants, this will add a touch of greenery, and you can hide a few ground level LED lights that will give you a cosy evening ambience.


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