How to Have the Best Summer Barbeques Ever

How to Have the Best Summer Barbeques Ever

With the warm days of spring and summer ‘almost’ upon us, it’s time to start thinking about getting the patio and barbeque grill cleaned and ready for some real fun in the sun. If you love your weekend and holiday barbeques, why not start thinking about ways to make this the best summer ever?

Some people are investing in outdoor kitchens, but if you can’t go to all that expense, there are a few small tools and appliances that can have you hosting the best summer parties you’ve ever hosted without spending way too much money. In fact, a couple of the following ideas may even save you some in the long run!

Every Barbeque Needs Beer – Doesn’t It?

Let’s face it. It gets very hot in the summer and it’s always a challenge to keep the beer nice and chilled. Some people buy bags and bags of ice to keep bottles in while others would rather buy beer by the keg simply because the cost per glass is so much cheaper. Why not invest in a Kegerator like those reviewed on the Cuisine Study website?

As the name would imply, a kegerator is like a combination keg and refrigerator where the keg stays cold because it’s refrigerated but can be poured through the tap as well. If you have several parties and barbeques any time of the year, this would really be a wise investment. They can be used indoors or outdoors and are even ideal for parties over the Christmas holidays as well. Remember, buying beer by the keg is really your most cost-effective solution.

Quick and Easy Tropical Drinks

Instead of carrying out that big and bulky blender this year for those frozen tropical drinks, why not invest in a smoothie maker? These are small and compact with the power of a full-sized blender and can easily make the frozen drinks your friends delight in. From frozen daiquiris and margaritas to smooth piña coladas, if you buy a few extra carafes, you’ll be able to make them to the guest’s request. Some like it heavy on the mix while others prefer an extra shot of tequila, rum or vodka.

The only thing you’ll need for either the kegerator or a smoothie maker would be a source of electricity, of course, but that is easily managed with an extension cord. Some people keep them set up next to the house where an outside outlet is located, but if you want to set up a bar in your poolside tiki hut, an extension works quite well.

A Few Safety Tips to Remember

Finally, don’t forget to monitor your guests as they enjoy those ice-cold beers and smooth iced tropical drinks. If you feel they shouldn’t get behind the wheel, either make sure there are a few designated drivers available or let them stay the night in your guest room. Be a responsible host.

What would a summer barbeque be without a bit of cheer? Just make sure that all extension cords are brightly colored and visible so that they won’t create a tripping hazard and never let friends drive drunk. This could be the summer for the best barbeques ever, so let’s keep it that way. Safety is always first, so keep that in mind.


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