How to Host Your Teen’s High School Graduation Party

How to Host Your Teen’s High School Graduation Party

As a parent, it is your goal and your job to help your children to grow and learn, so they can be successful in their lives and become responsible and independent adults eventually. This is exactly why parents get so emotional when their child graduates from high school. It’s a milestone moment, validation that all their hard work has paid off, and parents get to feel sheer joy and pride at their child’s many accomplishments.

One way to celebrate this huge life event is to host a graduation party for your teen. Of course, we all know that teens can be a bit picky, so hosting that perfect party may be a little trickier than you first thought. Here are some tips you can use to throw a well-deserved incredible graduation party for your teen.

Plan the Menu Around Their Food Preferences

Rather than worry about what the typical party foods are, plan a menu that reflects your teens’ personal preferences. If they’ve got a few favorite snacks, dishes, or beverages that they really enjoy, that’s what you can serve. Throw all the rules about appetizers and finger-foods out the window and give your teen items they will actually enjoy.

As an added bonus, this approach will work with all their friends too, who will enjoy the more casual and laidback approach to the menu.

Go Big with the Cake

It’s important to remember just how important the day is, and the perfect way to do that is a graduation cake. Here’s where you can go all out and go big. The All Cake Prices website provides tons of ideas, inspiration, and pricing information on cakes. If you’re looking for that over-sized cake, you may want to go with something from Sam’s Club, as the website details.

Let Your Teen Design the Invites

You can also get your teen involved in the planning process and have them design the invitations. These days e-vites are usually the way to go, or you may even want to create a webpage or Facebook page dedicated to the graduation party. The earlier you get the word out about the time and date, the more kids will likely be able to attend.

Include Games and Entertainment

In order to keep the party lively and fun, you may also want to look at games and entertainment. Popular ideas include photo booths; inflatable rock walls, slides, and games; cotton candy and popcorn machines; carnival game rentals; mini putt; and anything else you think would be appealing to them.

Of course, no party is complete without music, so you may also want to hire a local DJ to look after the tunes for the event.

Memories that Will Last a Lifetime

By taking the extra time to plan and organize your teen’s graduation party, you’ll be providing them with memories that will last a lifetime and show them just how proud you are of their many accomplishments.


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