How to Maintain your Mattress in Excellent Condition for Years to Come

How to Maintain your Mattress in Excellent Condition for Years to Come

Your mattress is an investment in your health and long-term wellbeing. You do not need to be a scientist to know that a restful sleep and a refreshed mood in the morning means less stress, pain, and frustration. No morning back pains, headaches, or muscle tension is something to look forward to when you buy a mattress.

However, if you managed to find the right mattress for your support, comfort, and rest needs, you also need to take good care of it, as mattresses will not last forever. Today we will discuss a few tips and tricks on how to maintain your mattress (and thus yourself) in excellent shape!

1. Use a Mattress Protector

A high-quality mattress protector keeps your mattress safe from dust, debris, dust mites, perspiration and odors, accidental spills, your body oils, mold, and other damaging factors. Besides the fact that the cover can offer you even more comfort and support, it can also protect you against bed bugs and allergens, especially if it is waterproof. Many new types of protectors also keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so you can switch between them. Moreover, you can clean your mattress and protector easily.

2. Check Your Bed Support

No matter how good your mattress is, your bed support is equally important. Check the bed support each year and make sure you do not deal with broken or frail bed slats or springs. In case your mattress does not match the bed support, change the latter to prolong the life of your mattress and obtain a good night sleep.

3. Flip and Rotate the Mattress Regularly

Most manufacturers and sleep researchers recommend you flip and rotate the mattress to wear it evenly. Rotate a new mattress end to end every two weeks for the first 4-6 months of use, and then every three months. Flip your mattress every three months as well. As a word of advice, avoid sitting in the same spot daily when put your socks on, as you will wear the mattress rapidly.

4. Clean and Dry it weekly

You may not think about vacuuming the mattress, but you should. Nobody says you should vacuum the mattress after you just vacuumed the floor, but a small and powerful vacuum you keep specifically for the mattress will do you good. Vacuuming removes dust, dust mites, crumbs and debris, so you should vacuum it once a week. Also, make sure that if you clean spills with soapy water you risk favoring mold. Therefore, you should dry the wet spots as soon as possible and thoroughly.

5. Allow Sun and Fresh Air to Pamper the Mattress

If you get some warm sunny days, open your windows, strip your mattress of its protector, and allow sun and fresh air to reach the mattress. If bed bugs might be a problem, leave the covers on. According to a study conducted by Kingston University, unmade beds and sun-kissed mattresses repel dust mites, reduce moisture, and refresh the fabrics.

6. Give it a Baking Soda Treat

As you probably know by now, baking soda manages to remove unpleasant smells from your home, fridge, cabinets, and so on. Therefore, you should also use it to repel any odors embedded in your mattress. Sprinkle the mattress generously with baking soda and leave it for twenty minutes. Then use the special mattress vacuum to remove the soda and have a nice smelling mattress for at least a month. Repeat the procedure on all mattress sides when you rotate and flip it.

7. Do not Allow Mechanical Damages to the Mattress

Finally yet importantly, do not allow children to use the bed as a trampoline, as the damages may become severe. In addition, when you move the mattress for various reasons, carry it with care, refrain from folding it, and cover it in plastic when you carry it around the house or outside the house. This will prolong its life and keep it safe from damages.


No matter how long your mattress endures, you will eventually need to replace it. Make sure you pick a right mattress for your comfort and health requirements. You may need to spend some time looking for the perfect match, but remember that a good mattress is your key to happiness.


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