How to Make Your Kitchen More Family Friendly

When we’ve got babies and very young children, we often try to keep them out of the kitchen as much as possible. Kitchens are a dangerous place for youngsters. There’s plenty that could get broken, sharp objects, and opportunities for little hands to get burnt. It can also make it difficult preparing meals when you are trying to control children and keep them out of harm’s way.

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However, as they begin to get a little older, the kitchen can become the true heart of the home. It’s great to get children involved in cooking and preparing meals, as this helps to teach them new skills, but also to appreciate the value of a healthy diet. Spending time together in the kitchen also gives families a fantastic opportunity to step away from their devices and spend time together chatting and creating. So, if you are ready to welcome the kids into the kitchen, here are some great ways to make it more family-friendly.

Think About Storage

You want them to have easy access to everything that they may need, without being able to reach anything that they could break or that could cause them harm. So, spend some time in your kitchen thinking about where everything is. In some cases, it might be a good idea to empty it completely and start putting things away from scratch.

If you’ve got a smaller kitchen, you need to make the most of the space you do have. So, add drawer and cupboard organizers and make the most of the height of your room. Install shelving and cupboards all the way up to the ceiling.  If you need a full redesign, get help. Kitchen renovations don’t need to be a huge job, but it’s a good idea to contact a professional to make sure it’s done well.

Add Some Color

Color always makes a room look more child-friendly. Add some colorful tiles or paint your walls a bright shade. This will fill the room with joy and make it look bigger. You could even change your cupboard doors or add some cool handles.

Add Seating

Seating is a great way to make your kitchen a more social room no matter how old your children are. If you have space, add a dining table or comfortable benches. Even in a smaller space, you should be able to add seating to an island or stools to a breakfast bar.

Another option is to knock through into your dining room or lounge to create a large open plan area.

Create a Kid Zone

Kids love having their own space. Especially when they are younger. Add an area that is just for them so they are comfortable in this room. This could be a special seat to do their homework on, a small play kitchen area, or a stool at a work bench that they can stand on when they help you. You could also add an area for them to display their artwork or photographs.

Making your kitchen more family-friendly can be easy and is a brilliant way to start spending more quality time together as a family.


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