How To Plan A Christmas Themed Hen Do

How To Plan A Christmas Themed Hen Do

Christmas is around the corner and if you’re planning a hen do for your bride friend this winter season, then a christmas themed hen do might be the perfect fit. Organising and hosting a hen do requires fine planning and arrangements. So if you’ve looking to host a christmas themed hen do, then here are some tips to help you through the process of hosting a christmas hen do.

Guest List

To begin planning a hen do you need to decide on a guest list, so that all the friends of the bride who will be attending can help with planning the hen do. You might want to take the bride into the decision making of the guest list, to be sure that all the friends that she would want at her hen do, are invited.


If you want to throw her a destination hen do, then going to a destination in the month of December when the christmas spirit is alive, might be a good choice. You can plan a European hen do in Liverpool or London or any other city out of the many that celebrate christmas. Visiting a new city at christmas time is going to be no less than magical, with all the lights, christmas trees, festivals and not to forget, all the christmas sales that will be going on.


You can have a christmas themed hen party anywhere because you will have to decorate the place with christmas decor. Although, it might be difficult for you to host a christmas party outdoors due to the cold weather. But if you’re organising a christmas themed party any other time of the year, then you can easily do it outdoors. In fact, it’s a great idea to throw a christmas themed hen party even in the summers, if the bride is a big christmas fan. It’ll be very special, fun and unique to have a christmas party even if it’s not december.


The decor for the christmas themed hen party shouldn’t be too difficult. You will need a christmas tree for sure, decorations for the tree which you can all put together and make it a fun hen do activity, you will need some snow, reindeers, a photo booth, santa hats etc. You should also get some hen party banners and sashes for the bride and all the bridesmaids. Some hen party goodies for everyone at the party is also be a good idea.

Dress Code

The dress code of the christmas themed hen party should be red and white. So make sure that you include the dress code at the time of sending invites. Get some additional props like reindeer horns, santa caps etc. to go with your dresses at the party.

Food and Drinks

To truly live the christmas spirit at the hen party, you can ask all the hens to cook and bring their favourite christmas dish. This will truly make it a christmas evening with a diverse menu with everyone’s favourite christmas dish on it. You should also have some alcohol for the hen night. Don’t forget the eggnog for the christmas themed hen party.


Of course if the bride loves christmas, then she definitely loves christmas carols too, so make sure you’ve got a ton of those playing on loudspeakers. If you want to take the carol game a notch up, all the bridesmaids can surprise the bride-to-be with a christmas carol choir performance. You know the bride would love this.

Christmas Presents and Games

There are plenty of hen party games that you can play like never ever, truth or dare, secret santa etc. Also, since it’s a christmas theme hen party, it’s only fair, that you shower the bride with presents on her hen do. One of you can also volunteer to wear the santa costume for the bride and give her gifts.


A christmas themed hen party will be a very exciting theme for the month of december or even for the christmas loving bride. So put your santa hats on and get in the festive mood to make some merry at your hen do!


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