How to Promote Better Sleep

How to Promote Better Sleep

It’s been reported that every one in three people has some form of insomnia, in whatever mild or severe form that may be. This revealing research shows that many people are struggling with getting a good night’s sleep than we may think.

However, what many don’t realize is that there are many simple actions you can put into place daily that will help improve your night’s sleep. One of the most obvious things people often overlook is investing in good blackout curtains or blinds in their bedroom. You can discover blackout roller blinds being sold at Made To Measure Blinds UK.

Tips For Getting A Good Night Sleep

So, your body has gotten itself into a bit of a bad habit huh? The tips revealed in this article will hopefully sort that out. From establishing a regular bedtime routine to cutting out certain things, you’ll discover some of the best things to do.

As you know, lack of sleep has several negative effects on your mental, emotional and physical health. So, the quicker you can start putting these actions into place, the better your sleep will get.

Cut Out Screens

At least two hours before you sleep, cut out all use of mobiles, TV’s, tablets and laptops. If possible, you should also stop working and do something relaxing such as reading a book or taking a bath.

You want to slow your mind down and give it time to power down from a busy day full of electronics. It’s also been noted that blue light emitted from our screens can be highly disruptive to sleep. If you must, shift your mobiles and laptops to night mode so it cuts down the intensity of the blue light.

Get More Light In The Day

Increasing the light you’re exposed to during the day can also have an impact. This helps the body’s natural circadian rhythm synchronise and get back into the right pattern. Natural light is best so try and go for as many walks in the park you can!

Stop Exercise Early

You won’t want to work your body up late at night. When going to the gym, for a run or doing any workout, choose to do it earlier in the day. You can however, take up yoga, Pilates or incorporate gentle stretching regimes later at night if you want to move the body.

Cut The Caffeine

If you are really struggling with sleep, you may want to cut caffeine completely for two weeks. When you feel your sleep pattern settling down again, slowly introduce the caffeine but ensure you drink it earlier in the day. Caffeine can stay in the blood for up to 8 hours so take this into consideration.

Take Fewer And Less Naps

Even though you may be tempted, reduce the amount of naps you take during the day. This can throw your sleeping regime off and get your body’s natural rhythms out of sync.

Considering natural herbal remedies can also be a great way of easing the body into a healthy sleep routine again.

Hopefully, putting these tips in place will get you sleeping like a baby again soon.


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