How to save money on pet medications

How to save money on pet medications

We love our furry friends – 60% of American households own a dog and 47% own a cat. But while we’re crazy about our pets, we’re not so crazy about hefty vet bills that can rack up when a precious pet gets sick or injured. If you’re worried about being caught out by expensive medical costs, then here are a few simple tips you should follow:

Look around for options close by

It used to be that the only way to get medication for your pets was from your veterinarian whether or not you truly need a prescription. But nowadays, you can get the treatment your pet needs from retail pharmacies, supermarkets, drugstores and even in big-box stores. Many of these stores can sell over-the-counter medications at a much cheaper cost, thanks to economies of scale, so before you pick up that flea treatment at an inflated price from your local vet, let’s see what other options may be available in your area.

Buy pet meds online

Even cheaper than Best Buy, and if you’re willing to wait for delivery, are online stores which can sell pet meds at heavily discounted prices, as they often don’t have to sustain a brick-and-mortar operation. While you’re looking online, however, be sure to check that your online pet pharmacy is accredited. This ensures that your medication is genuine; you’re not falling for any scam or using an unlicensed veterinarian practice that isn’t held accountable to a vet association.

Consider subscribing to medication

If you’re ordering the same medication every month for a chronic or ongoing pet illness, then talk to your veterinarian about a subscription service. They’ll often be happy to shave a few dollars off the price if it ensures repeat business! Online services for over-the-counter medication, such as Amazon, may also offer discounts if you place an order to receive regular shipments of the same product.

Look for social programmes in your area

If you’re struggling to afford medical care, then look for programmes in your area that will support low-income families. The Humane Society has a number of branches across the country, for example, with dedicated services for pet owners who need treatment for their pets. Many routine services, such as spaying and neutering of pets and vaccinations, are available cheaply in a bid to numbers of stray animals down. It’s worth checking to see what services are available in your area, and if you’re eligible for assistance. If there are a limited number of programmes, consider wellness advice from reputable pet websites.

A pet is part of the family, and it’s heartbreaking to part with your furry friend because you can’t afford the cost. Although a pet is a big responsibility, we can’t always plan what’s going to happen ten or fifteen years down the line, so it’s good to save money wherever you can. When it comes to medication, either via a prescription or over the counter, you don’t have to pay retail. Look out for specials in your area, and online, and ask for deals in store if you’re a repeat customer, to make every bit of savings count.


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