How to Save on Energy Costs in Your Home

How to Save on Energy Costs in Your Home

Like more and more people, you’ve probably noticed how high energy costs are getting these days. It’s a common problem for many, and owes a lot to the rise in price of oil and other raw materials used to make power. If you’re looking to cut costs, this article might be for you. We’re going to look at a few great ways to start reducing on power bills. Here are a few tips to get you on your way:

Improve wall insulation

If you haven’t got good insulation, you could lose a lot of energy, especially heat. Heating a home in the winter is expensive, and even more so if you’ve got leaky walls. Make sure you’ve got high-quality insulation that keeps as much energy inside as possible.

Get better quality windows

Just like wall insulation, your window quality is also important. If you’ve been putting off getting new windows for a while because you think they’re too expensive, you might not have thought about how much you could save by keeping more of your home’s heat inside — and reducing your energy bills in the process. Not only is good quality double-glazing (or triple-glazing) more energy-efficient, it can also help reduce noise pollution. It is also better if you know a company that provides 24 hour emergency screen door replacement, just in case something needs fixing in the middle of the night.

Install under-floor heating

You might think that under-floor heating is just for people who want to show off, but it’s not. The right under-floor heating can actually be more energy-efficient that traditional heating systems, making it cheaper to heat your home.

Opt for a smart meter

Consider getting a smart meter installed as these help tell you when you’re using the most energy and when it’s costing you the most. Some energy companies will actually install these for free, and they can give you a lot of good info on where and when you’re spending the most on power. This can help you make better decisions about what to use in your house and when.

Switch off appliances

You might leave a lot of appliances on stand-by, but this could actually be costing more than you think. Some items use more power on stand-by than others, but this is something you can check so you know what to turn off completely.

Use things off-peak

With your smart meter, you should be able to see when energy is cheaper and when you can use more of it. Even if you haven’t got one, try making an agreement with your energy company where you can pay a lower rate for energy off-peak.

Generate your own energy

One of the best ways to reduce your bills is to start generating your own energy, usually either with wind turbines or solar panels. While these can be expensive to install, they should soon start paying for themselves. You can even make some additional income by supplying power back to the grid if you don’t need all your capacity. Becoming self-sufficient on energy is a great way to save money and actually help the environment in the process. You’ll no longer be reliant on large power companies or polluting fossil fuels.


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