How To Select A New Roofing Color For Your Home Appeal

Your house’s appearance eventually becomes an integral part of your home’s identity – much more your home appeal. After all, a house appealing to the aesthetics of visitors means it’s a home that’s been tailored by its owners to carefully show its full potential – and this takes work from the ground up. If you’ve been meaning to do a few modifications or renovations to help your home aesthetics shine, you may also want to take notice of roofing restoration. And if you’ve been having a hard time choosing a new roof color for your home appeal, you’ve come to the right place. In this article on roofing restoration from High Performance Restoration, how to select a new roof color for your home appeal will become quite easy for you.

How To Select A New Roofing Color For Your Home Appeal

If you’ve ever thought of switching roof color for home appeal, you’re not the only one with a knack for home improvement. In fact, spending for home renovations in the United States alone are steadily rising, especially for both millennials and first-time home owners.

For instance, spending by millennials actually had gone up. They now spent as much as $60,400 on renovations in 2016, which is a touch higher than $59,800 a year back. Not only that, millennials are actually willing to spend as much as $26,200 more for their homes as they’re being constructed. First-time buyers are spending more, too. They now spent $33,800 on renovations in 2016 on average, which is around 22-percent higher than their spending a year back.

How To Select A New Roofing Color For Your Home Appeal

Choosing Your Roof Color For Your Home Appeal

If you want to choose efficient roofing color for your home appeal, you’ve got to remember that aesthetics is comprised of a lot of intertwined elements. As such, it’s important to consider thinking about your overall renovation efforts first before planning to choose your new roofing color. That way, you’re on the right track towards choosing a roof aesthetic that fits the rest of your home, and as such would make your home appealing both on the inside and the outside.

Consider the kind of appearance you want your home to have

It’s not just the overall material or the style of the roof that matters when it comes to appearance, but also the color. Given the current look of your home, just how do you want your roof to look like? What sort of ambiance do you want it to give your home? It’s one of the most noticeable aspects of your house, and as such it can make a good first impression if you choose this well.

Check if your roof color fits your exterior aesthetics

One of the most important parts of choosing an effective roof color is to see if it fits the exterior of your home. Just what is the overall color scheme you’re following for your house’s outside look? Try to opt for a roof color that’s the same as your gate or your doors. Likewise, avoid using the same color as your walls. This at least adds more depth to both your house and your roof.
See if you can be consistent with the neighborhood: Try to see if there are certain policies about roof color you should adhere to. If not, see if there’s a “pattern” neighbors are following in terms of roofing color. If you want to “jive into” the trend, you can start following their color choices too so you can be a more visible part of your neighborhood and community.

Consider your interior aesthetics

One overlooked quality of roof color is how it can actually get to affect the interior of the household. Remember, your roof is a huge part of your exterior aesthetic, which means impressions of people towards your home’s exterior can extend inside. An appealing roofing paired with an indoor aesthetic that doesn’t “jive” can break immersion and ruin your home’s perception. For instance, try to apply principles of color theory when considering roof color for your interior. If your interior walls are of one color, choose roofing that is either an opposite color, the same shade, or a neutral color instead. Try not to deviate towards another “hue” of the color unless your entire home explores values across the same shade.

See if the roof fits parts of your home with details

When you look at your home from the outside, you’d often see the roof, the walls, and the doors. However, if you’re an intricate home owner, you’d likely have extra details here and there – from details in columns, to windowsills, or even down to the terrace. Try to see if you can match your roof color with these exterior details to give your home a new kind of radiance. Likewise, you can also match your roof color to your indoor furniture, especially if your home follows a consistent interior theme.

Check your maintenance and repair

Roof coloring sometimes also affect the material of the roof in itself, which means you should also try checking what materials come in what color, and which color fits the above criteria. Most of all, assess just how easy or how difficult it could be to repair and manage the said roof material. This at least allows you to have a time table to be able to assess how soon or how early should you replace your roof’s coloring again.

The Takeaway: Choosing The Right Roof Color For Your Aesthetic

Home renovation can be quite the tricky task, especially if your intended goal is to make sure your home becomes aesthetically appealing enough for your family, friends, and peers. With the above tips, it’s important to remember that perhaps the most relevant secret to remember when it comes to choosing a new roof color is to match either with the aesthetics inside or outside your home. Your roof will be one of the first things people will see on your house, and as such it’s got to make a good impression and reflect the overall aesthetic you’ve chosen for your house.


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