How to Sort, Organize, and Share Your Family Memories

How to Sort, Organize, and Share Your Family Memories

Gone are the days where photos were rare. We no longer have to watch the counter on the film cameras, and we no longer have to spend money to get them developed. Having only one copy of a photo is a thing of the past. The only problem, is that there is just so many! We can take photos upon photos and have thousands on our phone and even more on our computers or on the cloud. There are too many photos to show your loved ones, and too many to really do anything with them.

That’s why you need to sort, organize and create stories with your photos and videos. Do this, and you can share small snippets to your friends and family in a way that they can follow and enjoy. To create these little stories, follow these steps:

Backup Your Data Securely

Before you can worry about putting together narratives and stories of yours and your children’s lives, you need to backup your data. This means using a Secure Backup subscription to automatically backup your data, protect it, and to secure it. This means that not only will you never lose another image again, your photos and private information will also be kept safe.

Increase Your Social Media Security

As soon as you start posting photos and videos of your children, you should increase your social media security. This means unfriending or forcing people you don’t know to unfollow you, and to set your profiles to private. You can share cute photos and stories of your children, but for their privacy and safety, don’t share it with the world. If you want to share it publicly, try not to share photos that show where you and your children frequent, and post photos only after you’ve gone home.

Creating Stories

The easiest way to create a story is to sort it by big events, trips or accomplishments. While you can take many cute and absolutely adorable photos of your children just on an average day, these photos don’t need to be grouped. When you make a cake with your kids, and you take photos or a video, then you can go through and select a specific number, like five. It is up to you to then choose the top five photos to share. That way you can share the top photos, instead of every single one you take.

Tip: Five photos is ideal when you want to share your photos on Facebook, since it every photo will show up in the post without any being hidden.

Add Narrative

Write your story! Add context to your photos, from what you did to funny quotations and more. You can have a different caption on each photo, or you can simply write down the day’s story in one go. Either way, adding this context is a great way to share your lives with others, without spamming.

Be smart about what you post. Posting everything is not only annoying, but it also isn’t useful for your friends or family that do want to know what you’re up to. Instead, cut it down so that you can tell a strong story.


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