How To Throw A Great Party For The Whole Office

How To Throw A Great Party For The Whole Office

Offices don’t want their staff members to dread the annual holiday party or to find excuses to get out of it. They want the employees to come together for a single evening and to blow off some steam. If managers or planning committees want to know how they can throw a great party for their workplace, they should follow this advice:

Putting up colourful baubles on cubicle corners or hanging garlands in the shared lunchroom will not do much to inspire the holiday spirit. A workspace covered in decorations will still remind people of tasks they have to finish and emails they need to send — one of the office holiday party ideas that the staff will absolutely love will be to move the celebration to a different venue far away from their desks and deadlines. For a memorable event, pick unique venues like art galleries or grand aquariums where fish drift across the ceiling.

Cut vegetables, hummus and bags of potato chips are fine snacks, but they aren’t fitting for a year-end office event. If you are in management or you are a part of the planning committee, you should try to find corporate catering services in your city to provide enticing appetizers and treats — this will make employees excited to attend and make them leave the party feeling appreciated for all of their efforts. Look for catering services in Toronto that have options for people with different diets and lifestyles. Booking a company that only has meat dishes when you have vegetarians and vegans on staff is not a good idea. One of the best Toronto catering companies that you can select for your holiday party is The Food Dudes — their style is simultaneously casual and formal, with gourmet ingredients and possibilities for every diet type. Offices can customize their menus so that specific food allergies, intolerances and preferences are top priorities.

 How To Throw A Great Party For The Whole Office

A tricky problem with these types of events is choosing whether to serve alcohol or not. An open bar often encourages employees to take advantage of the rare opportunity, drinking far too much. The unlimited booze can lead to embarrassing or belligerent behavior, altercations, injuries and drunk driving. While it’s understandable for managers to trust that their employees will be responsible and respectful, they should still take steps to stop HR nightmares at office parties by sending out reminders that it is still a work event and by limiting intoxication with a cash bar or prepaid drink tickets. Employers can prevent the party-goers from grabbing their car keys after having a few too many glasses of wine by setting up an account with real time ridesharing services for the night — this way, everyone will have an easy trip home and the roads will stay safe.

Even if the office only has a staff of ten people, management should still throw a wonderful event. They work long hours and stress about their responsibilities for the entire year, so this is a fantastic excuse to give them a break and acknowledge their efforts.


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