Hunting For Home Designs – What to Look For in 2019

If you’re looking to build a home in 2019, you’ll be glad to hear that you’ve got more options in regards to home designs than ever before. We know that there’s a lot to think about when you’re looking at building your own home. But once you’ve spent a little time deciding what you’d potentially like from your future home, you’ll appreciate how flexible some designs can be. If you’re not sure what steps to take, just follow this guide on what to look for in your perfect home design.

Hunting For Home Designs - What to Look For in 2019

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 Consider Your Plot’s Attributes

Dedicated Sydney builders like Hoot Home Designs come prepared with a myriad of pre-planned home layouts fitted for a vast array of different plot sizes. The first thing you’ll need to do is to consider the size of the plot that you’re working with, and what you’d like to do with it. What architectural elements would you want your future home to boast? How many storeys were you looking at? Do your prioritise your floor space over potential yard space? The best things about designing your own home are that you not only get to answer all these questions for yourself, but you also get to have full creative control over both the internals as well as the externals. But with that creative control comes a world of responsibility, including considering the functionality of your proposed building plans. A quality building agency will be able to provide templates designed specifically with your plot in mind (and with their own distinct style) so that you’ll have a point of reference to bounce your own ideas off of.

 Fashionable Functionality

An experienced building agency will also help you source high-quality building materials, meaning that your future home will be built to the highest standard. Many reputable building agencies also provide you with package options for select designs, that can include premium features for functional rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, and dining rooms. It’s vital that you don’t skimp on the budget for these rooms, as the ‘liveability’ of most homes relies on the functionality of these spaces. Packages that include features such as low-maintenance tiling, wide basins, modern lighting, and even the placement of powerpoints, will ensure that the design of your home is the most cost-effective and functional that it can be.

Hunting For Home Designs - What to Look For in 2019

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 Choose Your Building Blocks

Speaking of cost-effective, selecting the external elements of your design can also hold quite a bearing over the total costs of your building project. It’s recommended that you prioritise waste minimisation and sustainably-sourced materials with a low environmental impact. In regards to sourcing materials to provide the structure of your home, lightweight steel and timber framing are not only cost-effective, but will also be resistant to the elements in the long-term. The issue of thermal insulation can also be tackled simply by selecting the right materials. It’s growing increasingly popular in Australia to use clay, mud brick, and construction aggregates as they are not only abundant resources, but they’re also perfectly adapted to our unique environmental landscape and climate.

 Selecting Your Style

Selecting your materials can also play a hefty role in the formation of your home’s individual style. Were you looking to create an open, airy family home with a contemporary Australian style? Or were you going for something more Scandinavian? Warm and rustic? Minimalist and orderly? The style of your future home can be fine-tuned through the decisions you make both within the home, as well as your home’s surrounding elements (i.e. your outdoor space). If you are planning on also doing a little landscaping, you’ll need to think about what kind of garden space you’d like to nurture. Native and drought-tolerant plants, can provide a water-efficient and easily maintained outdoor space. Roses and hedges can also provide an added touch of colour and dynamic structure to most modern homes, though they will require some maintenance. There are a variety of garden schemes that can potentially complement any style of home. It’s just a matter of making both the internal and external qualities of your plot and potential home, to align with your own vision. It’s plain to see that building your own home is a ‘once in a lifetime’ project that will demand a lot of your passion and attention. But it’s not a project that you’ll have to bear all on your own, and we have never lived in a better era to embark on such an adventure. And although it is a process that requires you be thorough and attentive, just bear in mind that this journey will end in a space that once only existed in dream, but what will essentially now be a lifelong haven for you and your loved ones.


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