Easter Egg Coloring ideas

Easter Egg Coloring ideas

Who doesn’t love to decorate Easter Eggs?!  I’m 30 years old and still love to till this day!  LOL  Here were our eggs from last Easter…I thought that maybe they would spark some interest when you go to do your own!  :)

Easter Egg Coloring ideas


  • food coloring
  • hot water
  • coffee cup
  • sharpie
  • spoon

We boil the water, and then add it to different coffee cups with different food coloring in each cup.  :)  …and then of course use a spoon to slowly add and remove the egg.

So for me, I feel like Easter eggs should look handmade.  I don’t get into the ones that look professional…what’s the fun in that?!  For some of these, we held the eggs in the water for a certain amount of time to make the different color levels and to add two separate colors to a few eggs.


I also love to use a sharpie to draw on the eggs!  :)


And this poor guy has a dent, so of course I had to fix the dent!  :)


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