Inspiring ideas for wedding pool decoration

Inspiring ideas for wedding pool decoration

Many wedding venues, back yard included, have a huge focal point that deserves your design attention – the pool! Pool decor is dazzling and romantic, and adds layers of beauty to your special day. This list will guide you through some great ideas that you should strongly consider for your wedding ceremony.

Modern And Funny Pool Decor – Swan Floats

Recent trends are to add some levity to wedding day events. A refreshingly whimsical addition to wedding pool decor is inflatables. There are many types of inflatables to suite all tastes, but you can’t go wrong with a swan. This traditional symbol of Love is associated with poetry, music, and beauty – the perfect compliment to your wedding ceremony!

Inspiring ideas for wedding pool decoration

Romantic Pool Decor – Candles And Flowers

The reflective properties of water look absolutely stunning against the flickering light of candles. The combination of water, flowers, and fire are breathtaking but can become quite costly if you go overboard. Those who demand nothing but the best can go wild with candle borders around the pool and an assortment of exotic flowers floating throughout. Those on a tighter budget need not worry, even a handful of floating candles and flowers will create a very romantic atmosphere.

LED Light Pool Sculptures

LEDs are an amazing technology. They’re inexpensive compared to traditional bulbs, are extremely durable in most weather conditions, and a valuable asset to your wedding decor inventory. Pool sculptures enhanced with LED lights are gorgeous when placed in or around the pool during your wedding ceremony. Something as simple as a small or large globe will be transformed into a thing of beauty with the insertion of LEDs. More elaborate pool sculptures are only limited by your imagination. Consider adding LEDs to ice sculptures to make it shine at night, or letting the LEDs sink to the bottom of the pool for a dramatic colored water look.

Fantastic Floating Paper Lanterns

Floating paper lanterns are an ancient tradition and a fantastic modern pool decor trend. These simple crafts add a sense of tradition to a classic wedding ceremony, and add beauty and romance to any modern theme. These popular adornments come in all shapes and sizes, you just have to be creative! You can go for the traditional round or box shapes, or add some flair with floral or other custom shapes. You can allow the lanterns to float freely through the water, or take an extra step to create unique and beautiful shapes and patterns. Stringing the lanterns together will allow you to make specific shapes like hearts or a special wedding day message.

Inspiring ideas for wedding pool decoration

Floating Bouquets As Classic Pool Decor For Your Wedding Party

Floating bouquets will never go out of style, they are just too gorgeous! You’ve already planned your bridal bouquet, bridal party arrangements, centerpieces, and venue floral decorations. Take your theme and extend it to the pool with beautiful flower pool borders and floating bouquet arrangements. If there is a pool involved in your wedding ceremony, this is the perfect chance to kick the atmosphere up a notch or two. There are so many variations on shapes, colors, materials, and lighting to work with that you’re certain to create something beautiful to compliment your theme.


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