Interstellar movie review


Interstellar movie review

So I would be lying to you if I said that I 100% understood this movie.  LOL  As you’re watching, you totally think you understand it, and then you’re like…wait a minute…  :)  So, I will try my best to review this movie in a way that I hope you do see it, because I think it’s definitely worth watching at least once.

This movie is about a lot of different things: cosmos, family, the future, stability, Earth, time-travel, etc…  For a basic plot summary, it is the story of Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) whom the Earth’s future is in the hands of.  However, Cooper is a…farmer.  LOL  Yep…a farmer.  Why is he a Farmer?  Not by choice of any means, but because the Earth is close to running out of food, and thus all people are assigned an occupation based on needs rather than wants. Inside?  Cooper is an engineer who loves tinkering with things and dreams of something bigger. One day Cooper’s dream comes true when he is introduced to Professor Brand (Michael Caine), who has concocted a scheme to leave Earth and settle on a new home through the means of a trip through an intergalactic wormhole which hasn’t ever quite been done successfully.

So, the Earth is running out of food, what should be done?  Yes, moving everyone to a new galaxy with a better production system.  So Cooper must be the hero that sets this plan in motion along with Professor Brand’s daughter (Anne Hathaway).  As Cooper volunteers for this mission, he knows he’s leaving behind his two children, Murph and Tom with a high risk that he might not return (however this is not what he tells his children).

Does Cooper return?  Yes.  But not in a way that you would think.  Is the Earth normal by any means after said mission?  No way.  The movie definitely makes you think about time and how precious it is.  At one point in the movie it’s stated that if they spend 1 hour on a certain galaxy, it equals 7 years on Earth.  That’s 7 years that they would lose on Earth.  Everyone else would age, but them because their body only witnessed 1 hour in time.  Crazy, right?

Still confused about this movie?  Me too, and I’ve seen it.  LOL  At least I can say I watched it (which I really wanted to)!



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