Journal Cover Printable freebie

Journal Cover Printable freebie

I made this cute little notebook for my sister’s Bridal Shower to list all the gifts that she received; she’ll also use it for wedding gifts lists as well!  Isn’t it cute?  I received the inspiration from something I saw on Etsy.  It’s so cute that I thought I would share the Journal Cover file with you all!

I printed the covers (front and back) on regular paper and used Modgepodge to attach it to chipboard.  Finally, I used the Zutter Binder to connect the notebook together.

Since it’s so cute, I thought I would allow you all to download the Freebie and make the journal yourself!  :)  The size is 1200×1800 which comes out to 4″x6″.  Just click on the links below to download!  :)  The back is plain yellow.  :)

Journal Cover




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