Look For These Amazing Qualities When You Get A New Front Door

Look For These Amazing Qualities When You Get A New Front Door

You may not think about what makes a door great until you have to get rid of your old one and purchase a replacement. If you are having trouble finding the right fit for your house, here are the main qualities you should be scratching off of a check-list.

Curb Appeal

An unsightly or bland-looking door may seem like a fine choice at first, but you will eventually regret making the purchase. One of the best reasons to update your front door with beautiful new options is that they will refresh the design of your home’s exterior and boost its overall curb appeal — this is especially important for owners who are planning on putting the place up for sale in the next few years.

Another tip to make the entrance look special from far away is to have it made or painted in a bold hue. According to the designer Abbe Fenimore, one of the quickest ways to create a welcoming entrance is to paint front doors in exciting shades or colours — it will make anyone who walks or drives by the area turn their head and admire the whole property.

You should go to Golden Windows to get new custom doors in Kitchener for your home makeover — they have a variety of high-quality material, design and colour options available. The local company has been manufacturing and distributing stunning doors in Kitchener to homeowners for over fifty years.


As much as homeowners love new front doors that draw the attention and at times the envy of their neighbours, they won’t be happy if they don’t work well — the upgrades need to successfully open, close, lock and function without any trouble.

Another sign of a poor performance is that the entrance lets cold air drafts and moisture leaks inside. The door is supposed to be a barrier that protects the house from these disturbances, so one that fails this essential job should be replaced with a more efficient upgrade. Getting a replacement with insulating materials and features will help you maintain a comfortable interior.


If you want to stop burglars and home invaders in their tracks, you will need to have reliable entrances — this is especially true when it comes to your front doors because they will be the primary targets for criminals looking to get inside and steal your valuables. Home expert Scott McGillivray recommends that owners who prioritize safety get solid doors, saving ones with hollow cores for the house’s interior.

Another factor that will make the door incredibly secure is having it swing inwards instead of outwards. A door that pulls away from the interior can be removed if someone thinks to take it off of the hinges.

Don’t forget to consider if the replacement matches the rest of your house’s design and your personal style. Getting a classical wood door with bronze hardware will stand out for the wrong reasons in an ultra-modern building. Visualize the replacement on the hinges before you decide to agree on a purchase that doesn’t match.


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